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Best places to visit in Italy

Best places to visit in Italy

If you are in doubt, let us clear the air for you. Romans continue to rule this world, well Constantine might not be the President of United States, but trust me Italy rules the heart of Travellers. Charm of old towns, beauty of artistic masterpieces, architecture bolder than time, cuisines that have shaped modern kitchens, and the best wine simply you will ever have, is all about this beauty called Italy. A country so diverse, so held together, and has so much of offer. It’s an experience of lifetime, to witness the marvels, and once the glory of Europe. Here we are with Best Italian Places to visit.


Rome – Once the seat of Roman Empire, now serves as capital of Italy. It will sure take you back in time. The legends like Colosseum, Forum, Pantheon, Appian Way, and Palatine Hill are not to be missed. Then your itinerary needs a trip to Vatican city. You will also want to catch up sights with Sistine Chapel and Michelangelo’s Pieta. Shopping at Via Veneto, or making a wish at Trevi Fountain has its own charm. Trust me you will not need nightlife, dining in Rome has its own high.


Venice – You must be an alien if you haven’t heard about Venice, or Ignorant Kid if you haven’t seen its pictures. Now it’s time to pack bags and witness one of the most beautiful city of world. It’s a congregation of 118 islands connected by bridges and canals. Listening the songs on gondola with your other half in arm is simply blissful. Few places like Saint Mark’s Square and Basilica, Doge’s Palace and Rialto Bridge are not to be missed. Here is an insider tip, keep couple of hours for walking along the Grand Canal exploring this beauty, you will love it.


Milan – One of the Europe’s wealthiest cities and in spotlight thanks to fashion. Streets lined with designer shops, and galleries holding treasures like paintings of Leonardo da Vinci’s, Last Supper, La Scala Opera House, and Castello Sforzesco. It also boasts of one of the boldest Gothic cathedrals in Europe. Your nights too are at right place with restaurants, and La Scala (one of the world’s most famous Opera Houses).


Florence – It is your true Italian city, especially with its plethora of arts. The loud Renaissance architecture tells rest of the story. The Duomo, the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore are places must see. The museums and galleries with paintings and sculptures are another gem in here. Uffizi Gallery and Pitti Palace are your stop to witness everything beautiful. Leather shops in Santa Croce are other great takeaways for souvenirs. Be it gazing the Michelangelo’s statue of David or sipping Tuscan wine, trust me this place is whole lot of appeasing.

Amalfi Coast

Amalfi Coast – This beautiful stretch of steep cliffs dropping down in to ocean with shady beaches are perfect spot for curious travellers. This is one of a kind place with colourful houses, fishing bays, lemon tree gardens, and ritzy resorts. One of the best place to visit is Positano that is little romantic too. The island of Capri is also well within reach and must visit. Outdoor lovers will enjoy the hiking trails. Larger town Amalfi has lots of appeasing restaurants, and Ravello is famed for lovely gardens.


Naples – The birthplace of Pizza is one place you’d not want to miss. It is the most vibrant Italian City that still has those elegant palaces, medieval castles, and some really good food. Having the traits of European cities it too has many art galleries and some shaky nightlife too. The city also boasts of some top notch museums, you will have great time with.


Pompeii – One of the most visited Italian sites that were buried under volcanic ashesfrom eruption of Mt. Vesuvius. Though a ruin, but still beautiful, will give you a sneak peek into everyday life of ancient Romans. History buffs and archaeological lovers will feel like buying little real estate in here, though not possible, but simply you will love it. There are ruins of brothel, forum baths, frescoes at Villa of Mysteries and garden of fugitives. Summing up it’s also a short drive from Naples.


Tuscany – One Italian places you should must, definitely and for sure should go to. This countryside is the culinary capital of the country. The vineyards as landscape and hilltop town at backdrop, this place is unreal when it comes to natural treasures. In here you should spend your day on a wine tour, go on Pilgrimage to La Verna, explore monumental sculptures from medieval and Renaissance times, savour T Bone Steaks to hand cut artisan pasta, and find some peace in olive groves.


Sicily – Heavily loaded with UNESCO World heritage sites, this place is a stunner with seas around and arts culture at its epicentre. It has Mt. Etna, one of the tallest active volcanoes in Europe that also is a spot for skiing and hiking. You will also love the valley of temples, amazing 3500 Sq. Mt. of mosaics in Villa Romana del Casale,Palermo’s Baroque churches, and best Italian beaches such as Mondello Lido. It’s perfect if you have wanted to see the Mediterranean civilization.

Lake Como

Lake Como – It is the most beautiful Italian lake that has pleased the rich and affluent from ancient roman times. Studded with Villas, white alps in backdrop, this place is a stunner. Lake Garda is another popular sight and also the largest lake, while Maggiore is more popular for family resorts. The best thing about this place is that forested slopes directly meet with water. You will also not want to miss streets of Bellagio, Villa Melzi and Villa Carlotta, lake cruise, culinary classes and Duomo of Como. This place just doesn’t disappoints.

You may have the Universe, if I may have Italy!


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