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Best places to visit in Hungary

Best places to visit in Hungary

This European beauty is known for its rich culture and architectural marvels. Having Roman, Turkish and Hungarian influences makes it unique. From Roman ruins to Turkish baths, and wooden churches to cobblestones streets, Hungary has all touristy traits. We advise travellers not to be fooled by its size, it will power pack your itinerary. Hungary also has a great gastronomical scene, making it irresistible to overeat when here. The environment in Hungary is pretty jovial, and you are going to find singing dancing in local pubs. Hungary will take you on ride to middle ages and to modern times. Here we are with best places to visit when in Hungary.


Budapest – The Hungarian capital and its largest city is one of best European city for travellers. Known for its architecture that has baroque, neoclassical, andEclectic influences. The parliament building of Hungary built in gothic style is its largest one and spectacular to see. Other top attractions include Széchenyi Thermal Baths trusted to have medicinal values, Aquincum Museum the Roman Ruins, Central Market Hall, Dohány Street Synagogue (Largest except one in Israel), Faust Wine Cellars, Fisherman’s Bastion, St. Stephen’s Basilica, and Heroes’ Square.


Eger – It is a historic city and also a wine producing one. It has well preserved baroque buildings, history of Ottoman occupation, a pretty Dobo square that hosts the locals and travellers to little sunshine alike everyday. The cathedral and the castle hill are its top attraction, and must see. The valley of women consisting wine cellars and restaurant is another appeasing spot. Views from Turkish build Torok Kori Minaret are simply breath taking. Its red wine EgriBikavér is must taste.


Sopron – Also called as little Prague, and ‘Most Loyal town’ for being Hungarian. This charming little town has history that dates back to Romans. The charm of Sopron can be best felt in its old town Belvaros, where simple walks will make your day. The town is also popular for its red and white wines that that have taste like none other. Other top attractions include Fire Tower right from times of WW2, visit the Storno-haz, and views from Karoly that are worth it.


Pecs – With a moderate climate and regions of vineyards, this city is also dubbed as the city of Mediterranean impressions and the city of grapes and wine. The colourful streets, historic monuments, art galleries, are the highlights in here. Top attractions in here include BloffBisztro, SzechenyiTer, Victor Vasarely Museum, Gallery of Modern Hungarian Art, Királystreet and Pécs cathedral. It is also home to first Hungarian University that you can see.


Debrecen – One of the large Hungarian cities, it is popular for its lively and cozy culture. It is also perceived as Intellectual centre of Hungary having historical Universities that stand till now known for its architecture. The city hosts festivals round the year, like Bela Bartok International Choir, or annual Flower Carnival. Top attractions in here include Great Church, Aranybika hotel, Central Square, Deri Museum, Debrecen Market, and crazy local clubs.


Esztergom – Set by the river Danube, and being the historic capital of Hungary, it is another must visit. With a rural backdrop, quaint streets, and oldish buildings make this town an eye candy for travellers. The top attraction of this place is basilica set on hill and surrounded by river Danube. Other attractions include,Esztergom’s castle, and Watertown section with architectural remains from Ottoman period. Also it is within a day trip from Budapest.


Szeged – One of the large Hungarian city, and known for student population, and architecture. The city is also popular for its thermal baths visited hugely by Hungarians. You will too love a dip or two. University of Szeged’s architecture is also must see. The top attractions in here include Votive Church, Bridge of Sighs, Szeged Synagogue and Szechenyi Square. It also is home to art gallery REOK. This city hosts festivals all year long, so you’ll sure catch up with something locally good.


Szentendre – It is primarily an art colony that has turned out to be a touristy place. The town boasts of dozens of art galleries, museums, baroque architecture, colourful houses, cobblestoned streets, and churches. Top attractions in here include, Main Square, FőTér, and Greek Orthodox Blagovestenska Church. It is within a day trip from Budapest, and must see place if you want to see little Hungary at its best. Visitors drop by in here all around the year.


Gyor – It is an important Hungarian city. It has historical influences from its rulers Mongols, Magyars, Czechs, and Ottomans. This city has charm of old world and beautiful architecture throughout. The highlight of the city is at Káptalan Hill, junction of Danube, Rába, and Rábca.Top attractions include Püspökvár the bishops house, dwelling tower, Gothic Dóczy Chapel, Town Hall, Benedictine church of St. Ignatius of Loyola also the local favourite, and Carmelite church.


Miskolc – One of the largest Hungarian city, it is also a base for BukkiNemzeti Park. The top attractions in this place include City Hall Square that is drowned in European style, Gothic Protestant Church of the Avas Hill that has roman influence, Mindszent Church also known as St. Peter and Paul Church, National Theatre of Miskolc the oldest Hungarian Theatre company, Ottó Herman Museum that is influenced by local economy and culture, and Wooden Church the most popular spot.

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