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Best places to visit in Japan

Best places to visit in Japan

This country is not only a technological wonder, but a place aplenty with natural wonders and oldish masterpieces. In japan if there are skyscrapers, there are bamboo forests too, if there are busiest crossings, there are tranquil gardens too. This group of island might look like a challenge for travelling, but is very well connected. Japan has one of the world’s best Michelin star restaurants to again one of the world’s best street food. The buzzing streets, delightful culture, friendly people, rising sun, long standing palaces, awe inspiring scenery make Japan a treat of a lifetime for Travellers. So here we are with best places to visit wen in Japan.

Mount Fuji

Mount Fuji – This beauty is an active volcano just sitting outside of Tokyo and the highest peak in all of Japan. For few it has been a place of pilgrimage while others love hiking to the summit, but nobody avoids it. Other highlights around this place are, ascending to Mount Tenjo, see views from Arakurayama Sengen Shrine, drop by Kitaguchi Hongu Sengen-jinja Shrine, have fun while skiing, visit the Chureito Pagoda and take a ride on Kachi Kachi Yama Ropeway. The best time to climb on this beauty is July to September.


Tokyo – This is the ultramodern city of Japan, and also the capital. Sky touching skyscrapers, bustling crossings, crazy fashion, and the best in class restaurants, are normal sights in here. You know its Tokyo, when gardens are known for cherry blossoms, and markets for fresh fish. Tokyo is popular for Theme cafes of cats, owls, robots, goats, and seriously what not. Top attractions of this city are Go Karting while dressed as Mario, dining at Memory Lane, Walking the Shibuya Crossing, trying fashion at Takeshita Street, Visit Disney Sea, see Imperial Palace, or visit the Meiji Shrine.


Kyoto – This is the more traditional and sacred city of Japan. The Buddhist temples, shrines, and wooden houses are worth catching eye with. You will love kaiseki dining (Traditional Japanese dining), or seeing Geishas for real in the Gion district. Top attractions of the place are Kyoto Imperial Palace, Philosophers Walk, Fushimi-Inari Taisha Shrine, Kiyomizu Temple, Nijo Castle, Kyoto International Manga Museum, Saihō-ji, see monkeys bamboos temples in Arashiyama, or tasting the Zen Buddhist cuisine at the Tenryu-ji temple.


Nara – The original capital city of Japan and a place that truly exhibits the Japanese culture. This is the place of deer’s, temples and museums.The small city is home to 8 UNESCO world heritage site. The popular Nara Park is known for deer’s found roaming free. Top attractions in here are Tōdai-ji Temple (largest wooden building in the world), Kasuga Grand Shrine, Ninja Museum of Igaryu, Isuien Garden, and Nara National Museum. This city is a perfect day trip especially when it is within an hours’ away from Kyoto on japan railways.


Takayama – This beautiful small town adorns the Japanese alps. This town gets its distinct beauty with wooden houses, colourful shrines, shaped trees, and bright red bridges. It is one of the best preserved old towns of Japan. The older section of town, Sanmachi is a beauty to be at, with narrow lanes packed with wooden buildings. Top attractions in here are shopping at market, snacking on mitarashi dango, see traditional houses in Hida Folk Village, drop by to Festival Floats Exhibition Hall, visit Takayama Jinya and celebrate Takayama Festival.


Osaka – This is Japan’s largest city and, a great place to find some good food, do binge shopping, see great architecture, enjoy the buzzing nightlife, and cheer amidst cherry blossoms. The neon lights of the buildings bring nights back to life. Top attractions of Osaka include, Universal Studios Japan,Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Hozenji Temple, visit Osaka Castle and explore Dōtonbori district the home of restaurants and theatres. You must also try Kushikatsu (fried food) and gyu-suji nikomi (slow cooked beef).


Nikko – This is the temple Town of Japan, located on mountains, at the entrance of Nikko National Park. It has number of shrines the best decorated ones, and mausoleum of Tokugawa leyasu. The stone lanterns, red lacquered bridge, and huge cedar trees work as a perfect backdrop of this beauty. You must visit the Kegon Falls, Nikko Futarasan jinja, Tobu World Square, get soaked in the hot springs of Kinugawa Onsen, do history digging at Rinnō-ji museum, hike on Senjōgahara, and eat sushi at Komekichi Kozushi.


Hiroshima – It is known around the world, as being the first site of atomic bombing during Second World War. The ruins have lost in time and now it is one vibrant city to be at. The top attractions in here are Peace Memorial, Peace Park, and Peace Memorial Park. You must also visit the Itsukushima Shrine, Hiroshima Castle,visit garden of Shukkein-en,see the Mazda Museum, visit Miyajima Island (best place during autumns) and try okonomiyaki a pancake made of batter, vegetables and noodles.


Kamakura – Also referred as Kyoto of eastern Japan. It is a seaside resort town, travellers come to relax. The city has combination of dense bamboo grooves, picturesque temples, serene beaches, shopping scene, and food you will not be able to resist. The top attraction of this place isDaibutsu a giant bronze statue of Buddha you will love taking selfies with. You will also love visiting the Enoshima Aquarium, Museum of Literature, Kannon Museum, Jufukuji Temple and surf a little at the Shonan Beach. Holidays wont sum up better than this.


Okinawa – It is the southernmost Japan and on contrary to the modern and tech inspiring image of japan, Okinawa is more of a semi tropical island with corals around it more similar to Hawaii and Southeast Asia. The capital of Okinawa Naha, is perfected with shopping scene and resorts built for honeymoon couples. Top attractions in here include, visiting the Shuri Castle, have little fun in Ocean Expo Park, try local cuisines in the Makishi Public Market, and try hands at water sports in the Yaeyama islands.

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