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27 Facts you didn’t knew about United States

Facts you didn't knew about United States

United States the world’s strongest economy, and home to 50 states, is a place that has attracted the attention of people and travelers for long. The diverse topography and terrain of this country offers some place best suited for each kind of traveler. The pop culture and the bustling film industry tends to set trends at the global stage. But the question is that if you know America well enough.

If you are planning to visit United States or if the country is in your bucket list, we have collected some most bizarre facts about United States that probably Americans wouldn’t even know. So spoil yourself with these facts and get to know the country even better.

1 – Americans waste 120 Billion Pounds of food every year

It is estimated that around 1.4 billion pounds of trash is disposed every single day by Americans. United states is also the world’s number one country when it comes to food wastage. Around 120 Billion Pounds of food is wasted by Americans every year.

2 – South Dakota has four times the cattles than its humans

In American states of Idaho, Nebraska, Iowa, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Montana, South Dakota, Kansas and Wyoming there are more cattle than the people that live here. In South Dakota the cattle to human ratio is 4.32 and the highest in United States. In Nebraska it is 3.29. In Montana the cattle to human ratio is 2.51. In North Dakota the ratio is 2.45. In Wyoming it is 2.18. In Kansas the cattle to human ratio is at 2.

3 – The island of Statue of Liberty is located in waters of New Jersey

Everybody thinks that Statue of Liberty is in New York. But technically it lies in the geographical region of Jersey City, New Jersey. As per US Geological survey, the Liberty Island on which the statue is built, is in New York’s Congressional district, but the island lies in the waters of New Jersey. The island is closer to New Jersey than to New York.

4 – Texas has GDP of 1.9 Trillion Dollars

If Texas was a country it would have the world’s 9th largest GDP. In terms of GDP it is ahead of Canada, South Korea and now even Brazil. Texas has a GDP of 1.9 Trillion dollars.

5 – 300 Billion Pizzas are sold every year in United States

Every year an estimated of 300 Billion pizzas are sold in United States. The maximum frequency of these orders are witnessed during the Super bowl. As per a survey around 93 percent of Americans have eaten a pizza in last month. It is estimated that in United States 100 acres of pizza is eaten every day. Now that really sums up American madness for pizza.

6 – Harvard University was the first one to be founded in United States

Everyone wants to study in Harvard University. But interestingly it is also the first university of US. Harvard University was founded in 1636. It also holds a record of producing around 161 Noble Laureates.

7 – Abraham Lincoln was also a wrestler

Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler, and out of 300 matches he played in a career of 12 years, he had won 299 out of them. He is also honored in the Wrestling hall of fame. The only time he lost was against Hank Thompson during the black hawk war of 1832.

8 – United States flag was designed by a 17 year old

The flag that United States uses in present day was designed by a 17 year old school kid. His name was Robert Heft and it took him 12.5 hours to sew the flag. It was not a success in school while Robert got a B-. But later on the flag got selected by US Congress.

9 – In 1926 industrial alcohol was poisoned across United States

To eliminate the drinking problem in United States by Prohibition, the industrial alcohol was poisoned deliberately. In 1926 a law was passed that required industrial manufacturer of alcohol to add poisonous material like methanol in case it was stolen by bootleggers to be sold illegally to drunkards. This program has been estimated to kill 10,000 people.

10 – Uncle Sam was inspired by a real person

Uncle Sam was real. His name was Samuel Wilson. He was a meat packer in Troy, New York, and had fought in the American Revolution. He earned the title uncle because of his good nature. In 1961, US Congress has recognized Samuel Wilson as ‘the progenitor of America’s national symbol of Uncle Sam’.

11 – Racing in NASCAR doesnt requires a driving license

For racing and competing in NASCAR you do not need to have a state driver’s license. But that doesn’t means any one can drive in NASCAR. You need to have a special permit from NASCAR with demonstrated racing skills and technical knowledge of cars. But a state driver’s license is not mandatory.

12 – Alaska was once part of Russia

Alaska was sold by Russia to United States at a price of 2 cents per acre back in 1867. The treaty was signed in 1867 and the total amount paid by United States was 7.2 Million dollars which today would be somewhere around 150 Million Dollars.

13 – New York has a population of more than 8 Million

The number of people that live in New York City are more than the combined population of 40 out of 50 states. The population of New York City is estimated to be 8.5 Million. New York state covers an area of 54555 square miles and is home to 19 million people. New York City on other hand covers only 472 square miles and is home to more than 8 million people.

14 – Engravings on Liberty Bell of United States has a typo error

The popular Liberty Bell of US has a typo. It has a miss spelling of Pennsylvania. Apparently American forefathers had a trouble spelling the name, but the spelling on Liberty Bell was one of the accepted spellings in those time of Pennsylvania.

15 – Lake Superior of United States has enough water to flood entire America by one foot

The amount of fresh water that Lake Superior holds can cover both the North America and South America under one foot of water. The lake is estimated to hold 2900 cubic miles of water. Also the deepest point in Lake Superior is 1300 feet below the surface.

16 – Empire State Building has its own Zip Code

The Empire State Building of New York has its own zip code, which is 10188. Surprisingly it is one of the 43 buildings in New York City that has its own Zip Code. This Zip Code was given to Empire State Building in 1980.

17 – There is a town in Alaska where everyone lives under one roof

The town of Whittier in Alaska has a population of 220 people and all of them live under same roof. The extreme cold weather and hostile environment are the primary reason why everyone lives together. Snow here can get 6 meters thick.

18 – Kentucky has more bourbon barrels than its population

Kentucky has more bourbon barrels than the population of its state. For every person in Kentucky, there are more than two barrels. It is estimated that 95% of world’s total Bourbon comes from Kentucky.

19 – Monowi of Nebraska has a population of just one person

Monowi a town in Nebraska, has only one person residing in it. Elsie Eiler is the mayor of the town, librarian, and also a bartender. She pays taxes to herself. She works 12 hours a day, and 6 days a week.

20 – There is a town in Pennsylvania which is on fire since 55 years

Centralia a town in Pennsylvania has been on fire since 55 years. It was once a mining town, but when the mines caught fire, and spread in underground tunnels, they haven’t been able to put it off. The mining first began in this town in 1850’s and till 1962 the town did fairly well before the fire started in the tunnels.

21 – GPS technology is owned and controlled by government of United States

GPS technology is owned and controlled by American Government and they have the power to shut it off at any point of time. Department of Defense of United States is the steward of the GPS Technology. All GPS satellites are acquired by the department of Defense.

22 – Since its founding, United States had 27 versions of flag

Since the founding of United States, the country has had 27 versions of the flag that they use today.

23 – Pentagon is worlds largest office building

Pentagon is the world’s largest office building. It serves as the HQ of Department of Defense. It is estimated to have 6.5 Million Square feet of floor space. It is estimated that more than 25000 people work in the pentagon.

24 – Grizzly Bear is the state animal of California

State animal of California the Grizzly bear doesn’t even exists in California. Before 1800 there were abundant of them, but because of the inhabitation they were all killed and hunted. The main reason they were hunted was because they were considered as a threat to human settlement.

25 – Former name of New York was New Amsterdam

Before 17th Century the name of New York was New Amsterdam. Only when the English captured it they changed the name in honor of the duke of York. The name New Amsterdam was given by the early Dutch settlers of the 17th century when they were heavily involved in the fur trade in the region.

26 – Lavender labyrinth in Michigan can be seen from space

Michigan is home to a giant Lavender labyrinth that could also be seen from space. This garden sits on an area of 6 acres. The entry to this garden is free and it is open for public.

27 – South Florida is home to both crocodiles and alligators

The only in the world where Alligators and Crocodiles co exist is in South Florida. Crocodiles flourish in a saltwater ecosystem. Alligators flourish in a fresh water ecosystem. South Florida is the only place that offers habitat for both.

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