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Photo Ideas for Travelers

Photo ideas for travel

Nothing beats framing your trip in picture perfect. Did we need to say, that trips are full of picture opportunities, and means to bring your Instagram account to Life. On a trip every new and distinct landscape, or a vibrant place might appear picturesque but trust me there is lot to more to taking pictures that move you. We have created a list of some photo taking ideas that will fill your camera with art and watchers with envy. Here is how to give your Instagram account a whole new dimension.

  • If you want to focus on the landscape or a structure, try to keep people in the frame as minimized they can be. This will keep the spectators of the image hooked to the image and not people in it. Large sized people feel like web popups, would you like them.

  • Posing along with the statue alike is another popular photo idea that is also fun and good to click. You will get ample opportunities in a museum or in an ancient cum historic monument. Also compliment the pose with a lively facial expression.

  • Trust your eyes. Imagine how you would like to see a landscape or a structure. In what POV will it look best? Same you apply to the photo to be taken. Like, a tower is recognized by its height. So keep your cameras up and close to it.

  • Capturing landscapes and cityscapes is among favorite of travelers. But result is more or less, a generic picture. Don’t do this. Give a unique angle to it. Show them through eyes, never seen before. Capturing Manhattan from bottom of Brooklyn Bridge, add that ‘Tower Viewer’ too.

  • Use advantage of contrast colors in your pictures. Picture of a beautiful white lady dressed in white amidst bunch of untidy coal mine workers can get you an award too, it has. It catches attention, and adds element of surprise. Like the lady in red on road in ‘Matrix’.

  • Trust me the best time for Pictures that had appealed me is evening. It gives a trademark shade to your picture. Plus the elements in picture have a very smooth transition to their surroundings by edges. Feels lot like a canvas and elements melting down.

    Photo idea for travellers
  • Taking pictures of your belongings is also a great idea. Like in a single frame, ticket to concert, bracelet of beads you bought, book with a bookmark, Cover of Music CD you’re carrying, etc. It should be theme oriented. Few odd pictures can embellish your album.

  • Even if you are not very photo friendly, try to be in frame sometimes. The picture can have your back (not at all a bad posture), one of your sides, etc. This will add life to pictures, literally. This will also be a memory of you being there, doing that.

  • Another trendy idea is to be clicked while taking pictures. You could be posing goofily for taking selfie and get clicked, or you could be taking picture with your DSLR with still hands, down to propose to a beautiful scene and get clicked. Plus it has to be very candid.

  • When with bunch of friends, try capturing your shadows in a group. Don’t be very close in doing so, or the image will be indistinctive.  Give your shadow a funny pose, or a bold one. This can too add some diversity to your album.

  • When visiting a city, try to show people the inside sneak peek view. You can do this by clicking picture of a popular street with focusing on horizon with street in middle and structures equally on both sides. You can also click a distinct house with local architecture.

  • Take that rooftop shot. If you get an opportunity to rise up to the terrace of a tall building in a popular neighborhood, don’t miss to click few pictures down the street, or city from top, or a parallel cityscape as seen from your camera.

  • You can also show your excitement or your ecstatic moment with standing straight, heads looking up, arms wide, with cheeks bloating in excitement. This will look good when landscape is breathtaking. If you are in middle of a snowfall, this is perfect for your album.

  • Another good idea is to click a photograph where you pose like presenting a signboard which could be of popular street, or name board of railway station, or a description plate of a painting, or fact plate about a spot which could be highest peak, or below water level.

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