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Best beaches around the world

Best beaches around the world

When it comes to travel, people often ask are you a Mountain guy or Beach guy. Yes this is how prevalent beaches are in travelling. The good news is that there are beaches here, there and everywhere. The bad news is that with almost same landscape to offer, more or less same sand shores, and heavy crowd on most of them, it is a little hard to select which beach to hit to. Beaches have always been there, even before humans started travelling. They are best places to unwind, relax and lay back. Beaches make time go, like its sand slipping beneath your feet. A refreshing drink, a new book, a shack to fall back into, and you would need nothing else. They will give same joy as you will find in exploring a millennium old castle, or as per some, more joy than that. So here we are with some of the best beaches around the world.

Whitehaven beach, Queensland – A white sand beach with backdrop of tropical forests on island’s mountains, it has glassy clear waters leading up to Great Barrier Reef. It has over 300 days of sunshine, making it ideal getaway island beach. You will love walking across this sun kissed spot.

Whitehaven beach, Queensland
Image Source – i Stock Photo

Tulum Beach, Mexico – This serene getaway is made up of powder like white sands, and bright teal waters. Across its length you will find Bohemian styled restaurants and cosy places to stay. It is also popular for its shore side Cabanas. It is perfect for snorkelling and swimming on calmer days.

Tulum Beach, Mexico
Image Source – Forbes

Varadero Beach, Cuba – It is made up of white sands, refreshing blue water, and Pina coladas. Surf worthy waves of this spot attracts adventurers across world. Catching up with a good book is favourite of its visitors. You could also explore pastel coloured homes of Cuba, its private history.

Varadero Beach, Cuba
Image Source – Hotel Beach Side

Railay Beach, Thailand – This beach is both rock and sands, which means strolls and hikes together. Those long tail boats in crystal clear waters, and limestone cliffs, will make perfect backdrop for your vacation. The high end resorts lined across the beach are just about everything to spice up holidays.

Railay Beach, Thailand
Image Source – Wikipedia

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii – It translates into ‘Heavenly Sea’, and is made of crystal clear and calm waters. This beach is ideal for Kayaking, Paddling, and other water sports. The beach is surrounded by vibrant cafes, outlets, adding hue to your holidays. Plus the beach also has reef patches, Voila!

Lanikai Beach, Hawaii
Image Source – Wallpaper Access

Giants Causeway, Ireland – A UNESCO World heritage site, and one of the most unique beaches in world, it is made of 40,000 hexagonal shaped pillars dating back to 60 million years old. It offers a perfect picture opportunity along with changing lights from green to grey to tobacco brown.

Giants Causeway, Ireland
Image Source – Kevmrc

Laguna Beach, California – This chic coastline is popular for surfing tides, and sun kissed days. It is made of romantic coves, steep cliffs, and sparkling blue waters. It also offers hiking adventures with backdrop of stunning vistas. It boasts of maximum beach side hotels n lodges, for ease of holidays.

Laguna Beach, California
Image Source – Visit California

Half Moon Cay, Bahamas – This crescent shaped beach harbours peaceful piece of water back which is ideal for swimming. You can enjoy horseback riding in here and drop by at number of bars, cafes, and eateries along the beach. Area around it is rich with birdlife, while lagoon is home to stingrays.

Half Moon Cay Bahamas
Image Source – Cruise Mapper

Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles – It is the world’s most photographed beaches, with shore adorned with shining sands and aqua blue waters. You can walk into, as long as you won’t get tired with water levels below waist. It has sprawling resorts and glitzy casinos around it for extra fun.

Anse Source D’Argent, Seychelles
Image Source – Maps of World

Playa de Formentor, Spain – This beautiful white sand beach is surrounded by dense pine forests and stunning mountain views. It is a great spot for swimming or catching up with lounge chairs and umbrellas. It’s a great spot to immerse in paddle boating, windsurfing, swimming and snorkelling.

Playa de Formentor, Spain
Image Source – abc Mallorca

Seagrass Bay, Fiji – Surrounded by tropical jungle, it is accessible through guided tours and horse back safaris. It has abundant bird life, and has some high end resorts to make your holiday feel more exotic. It offers one of the best snorkelling experiences around the country with crystal clear waters.

Image Source – Suite Hub

Ora Beach, Indonesia – It is made of white sugar sands and agate seas. Surrounded by rainforests, rich birdlife, and mountains, it gives perfect backdrop to any holiday. It is also called as Little Maldives of Indonesia. It also has coral reef patches, and offers snorkelling n hiking experiences.

Image Source – Cheap Villas in Bali

Matira Beach, French Polynesia – Located on the southern tip of Bora Bora, it is popular for its sunset walks. It is made up of white grain sand and clam clear ocean. It is perfect spot to catch up with a cocktail while the day sets down. You can also enjoy the shark feeding expeditions here.

Image Source – Afar

Varkala Beach, India – It is one of the most laid beaches in world. With stretch of yellow sands, orange cliffs covered with lush green grass, it is also popular for its yoga and Ayurveda retreats. You will also find some great restaurants offering south Indian delicacies like Dosa and Fish curries.

Image Source – Kerala Tourism

Plaka, Greece – This is the spot for sun seekers with yellow sand strip, and turquoise waters. You will find plenty of bars and restaurants serving grilled fishes and Mediterranean salads. It also offers opportunity to paddle boat, surf board, and wake board. You can also browse hip market around.

Image Source – Naxos Hotels

Travel and change of place impart new vigour to the mind!


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