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Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Most Beautiful Islands in the World

Undoubtedly Islands are one of the most exotic destinations to travel in this world. They are perfect escape from hectic day to day life, to unwind by the beach with a glass of cocktail, or with the views of endless ocean coupled with clear skies. Islands are also one of the most versatile destinations, meaning they will suit you if you travelling as a couple, or even if you are travelling with group of friends seeking some fun, or also if you are with a family with kids. The feeling of soaking in the sun, or surfing the fresh blue waters of the ocean, or enjoying the breeze by the sea is one of the perks of travelling to Islands. Plus some of the islands also are known to have amazing main lands too, which means double the fun. So here we are with a list of most beautiful islands in this world.


Maldives – Located in the Indian Ocean this group of more than 1000 islands with 26 natural atolls, is a beauty you must visit to. Maldives is also one of the lowest lying nation in terms of altitude. Islands of Maldives are made up of debris of coral reefs. It is one of the top spot for sea diving and snorkeling. It is home to coral reefs, turtles, dolphins, whales, and some of the finest resorts in the world.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali, Indonesia – Located in the archipelago of Indonesia, Bali is possibly one of the most beautiful islands in world, which is known for its rice paddies, volcanic peaks, tropical climate, intricate temples, and plethora of stunning beaches. It is estimated Bali is home to more than 10,000 temples, with Uluwatu Temple being the major highlight. It is also known for Yoga, Hiking, shopping and luxury spas.

Bora Bora, French Polynesia

Bora Bora, French Polynesia – Located in the Pacific Ocean, this Volcanic Island is not only beautiful but also a top honeymoon spot, all thanks to plethora of Luxurious resorts in here. The island is surrounded by Turquoise Lagoon which is separated by sea through coral reefs, add so much beauty to it. It is also a great spot for Scuba Diving, and snorkeling. Here you can swim with turtles, or also feed the sharks.


Fiji – It is a group of more than 300b volcanic islands located in the Pacific Ocean, with most prominent islands being Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. It has perfect tropical climate with abundance of flora and fauna. It is perfect for Diving, surfing and fishing. Plus the warm hospitality of Fiji people makes it even better holiday destination. With sand beaches, this place is also popular for Spas and wellness resorts.

Maui, Hawaii

Maui, Hawaii – It is the second largest islands of Hawaii and is popular for its black sand beaches. One of the major highlights of this island are Haleakala National Park, and Lahaina which is a sea town. The island is known for its rain forests, dormant volcanoes, and beaches. People also visit this island to catch glimpse of Humpback Whales. Sunsets in Maui are absolute delight especially from Napili Bay Beach.

Santorini, Greece

Santorini, Greece – Located in the Aegean Sea, this volcanic island is the most recognized and photographic places on the face of this world. Known by its characteristic cliff side white washed houses, and aqua blue waters, this is a place that truly defines beauty. Sunsets at Santorini are most beautiful. The must try is the local wine made from grapes, and its top beaches are Kamari, and Perissa.

Palawan, Philippines

Palawan, Philippines – Located on the western most part of Philippines, this island is not over run by the tourists so you can easily find your peaceful spot here. It is perfect for hikes being dotted with lush limestone peaks. The white sand beaches are perfect for laid back day, with sea water so clear that you can actually spot the fishes beneath. Coral reefs around this island make it perfect for diving.


Seychelles – Located in the Indian Ocean, though closer to African Coastline, it is a group of 115 granite and coral islands. It was once a British Colony. Right from the coral reefs to the Palm lined golden beaches, to rain forests, this island is total delight. It is also popular for its giant Aldabra Turtles. The largest of all islands is Mahe, popular for water sports, while other top ones are La Digue, and Praslin.


Bahamas – The Caribbean beauty consists of more than 700 islands and 2500 cays. It is popular for its pristine beaches, and rich coral life. The largest and most prominent islands of Bahamas are Paradise Island and Grand Bahamas, but the real beauty lies in the smaller ones with historic setup and lush forests. It is also popular for its pink sea beach in Harbor Island. Diving scene here is truly fantastic.

Cook Islands

Cook Island – Located in the South Pacific, it lies between French Polynesia and Samoa. It is a group of 15 islands. The island is popular for its lagoons, palm lined beaches, and volcanic mountains. The best part about here is the warm hospitality of Locals. When here you must try Bush beer which is a local beverage made out of oranges. It is here you will get to swim in underground cave pools.

Every Island has a story to tell!


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