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27 Facts you didn’t knew about New Zealand

Facts you didn't knew about New Zealand

New Zealand has long been a country known for its natural beauty, and scenic surroundings. The country might be relatively young, but has lots to offer. We keep hearing about New Zealand, its rugby team, wonderful destinations, its hobbit town, and what not. Travelling to New Zealand is on the list of every traveler who is serious about exploring the hidden gems.

In this blog we have listed some of the most fun and bizarre facts about New Zealand that even its own people might not know. We are sure that it will ignite the wanderlust for New Zealand in you. It will also give you enough to talk about the country with anyone or even the Kiwis.

1 – New Zealand has highest animal to human ratio

New Zealand is known to have the highest animals to humans ratio. It is estimated that from the entire population of the living beings in New Zealand there are 5% humans and 95% animals. To be taken a note of is, that area of New Zealand is almost equal to that of Britain, but the human population of New Zealand is 16 times lesser than that of Union Jack.

2 – New Zealand receives more than 20,000 earthquakes every year

New Zealand experiences more than 20,000 earthquakes every year. It sits on a tectonic plate, and lies within the infamous region of ring of fire. This is the reason behind the construction of buildings laws are very strict in New Zealand.

3 – New Zealand has highest number of golf courses per capita

New Zealand has the highest number of golf course per capita. There are around 400 Golf courses in New Zealand. So you know how luxurious your trip is going to be here.

4 – There is a hole in Ozone Layer above new zealand

New Zealand has a hole in the ozone layer in its atmosphere. Yes that is the reason why people experience sun burns faster than their own home country. But the good news is that ozone layer heals itself, and is getting smaller with time.

5 – Clearest lake water is found in New Zealand

Nelson Blue Lake which is located in the Nelson Lakes National Park has the clearest water in the entire world. It is so clear like that of distilled water. As per the scientific calculations the visibility of this lake is clear up to 80 meters.

6 – The most popular dish of New Zealand is cooked below the ground

New Zealand is home to a very delicious dish called Hangi which is cooked below the ground. It is often chicken with carrots, sweet potato, which is put in pot and then covered with stones and mud. IT traps the heat and in 3 to 4 hours the dish is ready with super soft meat.

7 – Sign language is an official language in New Zealand

The official languages spoken in New Zealand are English, Maori, and Sign language. Yes Sign language is also an official; language of New Zealand. It is one of 41 countries that recognize sign language.

8 – Gumboots throwing is a sport in New Zealand

In a small town of Taihape in Northern Island of the New Zealand there is sport on throwing gumboots. If you don’t know what gumboot is, it’s a boot worn in rains made of rubber. The sports involve the competition between people on who throws the gumboot farthest.

9 – New Zealand is the least corrupt country in the world

New Zealand is also rated as the least corrupt country in the world.

10 – Peter Jackson and James Cameron live in New Zealand

Two most popular directors of Hollywood live in New Zealand. One is Peter Jackson the director of Lord of the Rings, and the other James Cameron the director of Titanic and Avatar.

11 – New Zealand was the first country to grant Women Voting Rights

New Zealand was the first country that gave women rights to vote. It was back in 1893, long before some of the biggest democracies and developed nation did this. So it is apt to say that New Zealand has been a pioneer in gender equality.

12 – There is a drinking day celebrated in New Zealand

New Zealand also celebrates a drinking day called as Crate Day. People are supposed to buy a crate of bear on this day and drink it all with their friend probably over a BBQ.

13 – New Zealand is home to maximum number of penguin species found in any country

New Zealand is also home to maximum number species of penguins that live in any country. Yes New Zealand is home to Yellow eyed penguin, Fiordland Crested Penguin, and little blue penguin.

14 – New Zealand has a war dance named Haka

New Zealand is also home to a war dance. It is from Maori culture and called Haka. It is meant to scare and ward off enemies. Even the New Zealand Rugby team does that before every match. It also has many variants that are also performed in weddings and even in funerals.

15 – New Zealand is home to world’s heaviest insect

The heaviest insect of this world is found in New Zealand. It is called as Giant Weta, and it weighs around 2.5 Oz. The giant nature of the insect is because of the island gigantism. Insects living in isolated islands gain lots of structure. The weight of the insect is too bulky that Giant Weta cannot is unable to jump and also unable to fly.

16 – New Zealand has once tried changing their flag

In 2015 New Zealand even tried to change its national flag, as the former represented the rule of Commonwealth. But the country didn’t got on board with that. The idea was to replace it with black flag with silver fern. This symbol is mostly used as the sports flag in the country.

17 – Car ownership rates are the highest in New Zealand

New Zealand has the world’s highest car ownership rates. For every 1.6 people there is one car. The average ownership of cars in New Zealand is on steady increase, as people are buying more cars.

18 – Jet Boats were invented by New Zealand

Jet boats were invented in New Zealand by William Hamilton in 1950’s. It was built to navigate the shallow rivers of New Zealand.

19 – Kiwi fruit is not native to New Zealand

The kiwi fruit we all eat is not a native of New Zealand. It was from China, and called Chinese Gooseberries. It was brought to New Zealand in 1959, and flourished in the climate of New Zealand, and since then the people have been exporting it all around the world as kiwi fruit.

20 – One third of New Zealand is a protected area

A  one third of the New Zealand is protected area. Marine Reserves Act 1971, National Parks Act 1980, Reserves Act 1977, and Conservation Act 1987 are some the laws that protect the wildlife and the natural beauty of New Zealand.

21 – New Zealand has a higher population of sheeps than humans

There are more sheep in New Zealand than humans. There are estimated to be 6 sheep per person. Sheep farming is one of the major industry in New Zealand. You all must have heard about the popular New Zealand lamb, it is present in almost every restaurant of the country.

22 – Every high school of New Zealand can hold certain amount of Uranium

There is a law in New Zealand that states that every high school in the country can hold up to one pound of uranium and one pound of thorium for learning nuclear experiments. But the schools will be fined with one million dollars if there is any nuclear explosion.

23 – First ever bunjee jumping was done in New Zealand

Bungee jumping started in New Zealand. Yes the first one was made in Queenstown in the year 1988. The reason why it is so popular for adventure sports, and attracts many thrilled visitors.

24 – There are around 50 volcanoes near Auckland

There are around 50 number of volcanoes around Auckland. But the good news is that they all are extinct. The most popular of them, Mount Rangitoto can even be seen from the harbor.

25 – World’s largest hot water spring is in New Zealand

World’s largest hot water spring is in New Zealand. It is named, Frying Pan Lake and situated in Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley in Rotorua. The temperatures often reach to 50 degree Celsius. The lake is not fit for taking a plunge, but it is a spot one can visit and admire.

26 – Hollywood film Lord of the rings, was shot in New Zealand

The popular Hollywood film Lord of the Rings was shot in New Zealand. Its success and popularity has since then pumped 200 million dollars in the economy. To see that money keeps flowing in and the country takes a leverage of the film, Govt. has made a minister of Lord of the Rings.

27 – Worlds largest volcanic eruption took place in New Zealand

The world’s largest volcanic eruption took place in Lake Taupo, in New Zealand. It is believed that such eruption hadn’t happened in last 70,000 years. It struck the land of New Zealand around 26,000 years ago, and changed its landscape significantly.

Lots of sheep, lots of facts!


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