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Travel Tips for Couples

Travel Tips for Couples

You will probably not find a better companion to travel with other than your partner, of course provided that you have a strong bonding and haven’t parted your ways. A trip for couples is an opportunity to escape hectic days, and sleepy night, to find themselves together in a whole new world. A trip can magically strengthen your relationship and insure togetherness even in coming rough patches of life. Trust me, a good trip has longest hangover. To make the most of it, we have curated some tips.

1 – Always come to a consensus while choosing the destination, or be ready for regular hitches of ‘That was all your idea’. If one partner isn’t comfortable, drop the destination. World is full of them, and you will surely find places that suits both of you. You have to be together on the first stage of holiday planning, that is the first rule.

2 – Carefully plan your finances, again with a consensus. Once you are on trip you can’t afford to have arguments over living in a boutique hotel for sake of good health of your vacation. Set your limitations on every other expense, this will also strengthen your cohesive decision power. In this trip of yours you cannot unnecessary expenses on your name to be later pointed out by your partner.

3 – Distribute your responsibilities, like she will hold POA for shopping, he will negotiate with cab drivers, she will guide via maps, he will choose restaurants to eat, she will click photos, he will update on social media, blah blah. This will keep the game play fair. Plus while doing all these activities and by coordinating together you will create a bond even more strong.

4 – Make each other feel special. By taking your hubby to wine tasting class, or taking your wifey to a wellness spa, or both can come up with idea of hanging around in serene beach, or can spoil each other with a food festival nearby. Remember everybody likes special treatment. By doing any such thing you will make your partner believe that you care for them.

5 – Prefer tripods over selfie sticks. They are more stable and they cover whole lot of landscape besides of course you both. Couple pictures look good when they are calm, or candidly having little fun. Plus you will get whole lot of better clicks to cherish. Remember the point is to take epic pictures, and be there in those pictures with all your footage and drama.

6 – Young couples can add some thrill, by choosing destination where they can learn and do scuba diving, or take off the ground by rafting, or may be bungee jumping, or paragliding. These are just perfect also to overcome your fears with your partner as witness. Adventure sports are like a mission game. When you do them successfully with your partner, you both get to win for one cause. Just think, how great it is.

7 – Don’t curse the difficult times in your travel, like missing a bus, or food poisoning, etc. (We have discussed in other blogs to keep these situations away). These circumstances will bring you closer, and will add dramatic romance to your travel. Touchwood! Yes the travel story will be more fun to tell if you had to walk 2 miles before getting a lift to only miss your flight, rather than hopping on a airport shuttle service bus while listening to your playlist.

8 – Be lost till it’s over. Travel comes with perks such as regular sparks of connection from other fellow travelers or locals. But couples need to be lost in each other, and spare only pocketful of time to meeting new people. Remember you yourself are on a discovery. You will have all the time to get along with strangers and make new friends. But this trip is for only you two.

9 – Never ever look upon other couples, if you do it for anytime longer than usual. You will start finding things that you miss on and they don’t. This activity is a holiday spoiler. Keep your eyes cool with shades and sunglasses and avoid anything but one another. Remember that nobody is perfect and finding flaws in oneself should not be your first priority.

Travel Tips for Couples - Sunglasses on

10 – A very fun thing you can do is, to exchange the luggage of your spouse to carry it with a notion that you are carrying your other halves burden. This is really a no brainer, but a fun activity that can give you some giggle while on travel and add as a story to your travel diary. There are lots of such things you can do, to add some fun in your holidays.

11 – Get some private time far from the buzz. Update your WhatsApp status to ‘On a Romantic Getaway, No Calls please!’. Keep your phone on silent, and once a day attend to all the missed calls, while rest of the day is not to be missed without your partner. Yes set an auto reply on your email, and do not even touch these communication gadgets unless its necessary. Going offline is a must.

12 – You can live like the stars. Choose one day, and make everything about it special. Go to a romantic movie, set out an outdoor dinner at an exotic location, book a limousine, wear your best outfits, visit a club, and live life king size just for one day. It is a magical experience. We all cannot have lives like this on every other day, but we can sure enjoy such lifestyle for some one special day.

13 – The most important part of the trip while holidaying with your partner is sex. Yes while you have that quality time indulge in making love. You do not need to plan on how many times you both are going to have sex, rather leave it on your imitacy level with your partner. If you feel a spark go for it. If you do not feel a spark then work on it while within the holiday.

14 – The idea of this trip was to be a couple holiday. We get that, but you do not need to remind each other every second to be together. As humans we all need space and need some time to be alone and think about ourselves only ourselves. This is the kind of break you also need to take while on trip. Take some me time, think about things, and recharge your batteries to have fun with your partner.

15 – Try to avoid doing activities that presses the panic button of your partner. It could be anything like from a greeting kiss to stranger to making your partner wait for hours before you show up. You both have known each other so try to not to do things that can spoil the mood of your holiday. Be cautious and be sensitive towards your partner. Even though you might not show this, but they will appreciate.

16 – When you are travelling as a couple you become vulnerable by default. The reason is that your protective mode gets on. But remember not to fall in tourist traps. These scammers are very smart, and they will make you fall for the trap in order to impress your partner with something special they might be offering. They will manipulate you to become emotional and buy some romantic stuff which is not even worth it. So keep your mind open.

Good partners double the life!


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