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Top things to do in New York

Top things to do in New York

We all know the charm of NYC. The city immortalized in movies and television we see every day. It is not just the skyscrapers, but arts, food, fashion, and nightlife also steal the show. Despite of the local American flavour in this city, NYC offers a truly world class travel experience. Romans might not have had their reach till NYC, but still the city is full of architectural glories. Every neighbourhood of the city has its own story to tell. NYC has always been gaudy mother of trends, and you’ll know why.NYC at times can be overwhelming, especially considering the size of it and plethora of attractions it houses. Creating a travel itinerary for NYC can be a daunting task, because you wouldn’t want to miss anything special about this city. So here we are with top things to do in NYC.

Central Park – It is a must visit spot and lungs of the city. Located in centre of Manhattan, it houses statue of Alice in Wonderland, great lawn, Loeb Boathouse, Strawberry Fields, Central Park Zoo, Jackie Kennedy Reservoir and more. It also hosts yoga classes, outdoor theatre and music shows.

Brooklyn Bridge – It is one of the most iconic landmarks of city and one of oldest suspension bridges. It connects lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. For best views of the city skyline, one must walk through it on the elevated walkway above road. It takes 30 minutes to cross it, with every moment worth it.

Statue of Liberty – It is accessible by ferry ride (with one from Battery Park). It is suggested to book tickets in advance to access the pedestal or crown of statue. On your trip do visit Ellis Island Museum of Immigration that exhibits immigrant records, artefacts, and pictures, right from colonial times.

Empire State Building – It is the symbol of city’s ambition, and still one of tallest skyscrapers in world. Views from outdoor deck of the tower are truly worth all the pain of long queues. Getting here early morning or late nights is a good idea. It is the second highest visit-able point in city.

Times Square – Located at the intersection of Broadway and Seventh Avenue, it sums up entire NYC, for being colourful, exciting, and vibrant. It is distinct with neon lights, glowing billboards, and 24 hours flood of traffic. Best time to visit is in night to see it flashing, or at New Year’s Eve ball drop.

Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – It is probably one of best places for modern arts, contemporary arts, with exhibits of paintings, sculptures, and installations. Some notable works include The Starry Night by van Gogh, Picasso’ s Les Demoiselles d’Avignon, andDali’s The Persistence of Memory.

Broadway – It is what the theatre district of Manhattan is called as, and nowhere else it is bigger or better. It boats to have more than 40 venues. Marquees lit with ads of latest shows are everywhere in Broadway. Phantom of the opera, The Lion King, Chicago are ever present production in here.

Grand Central Terminal – This marvel built in beaux-arts neoclassical architecture is a beauty to admire. Shimmering marble floors, gold plated chandeliers, sky themed ceiling make it beauty perfect. It has whooping 44 platforms, 60 shops n 35 eating joints. Just avoid visiting in rush hour.

The High Line – Formerly a railway viaduct, now is city’s one of favourite public park. This 1.5 miles walking park spanning from Meatpacking District to Hudson Yard, houses plants, lawns, picnic tables and benches, public art installations, and offers stunning views of Manhattan. It’s never dull in here.

Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) – It is the most celebrated museum of United States that houses 5000 years of history from entire world. It exhibits Sumerian tablets, Chinese calligraphy, Egyptian mummies, Moorish textiles, Knights Armor, and much more. Must see in here is Temple of Dendur.

Coney Island – It is city’s most popular seaside resort, with plethora of eating joints, bars and amusement parks. It has oldest wooden rollercoaster cyclone in Luna Park, and Deno’s Wonder Wheel with amazing vistas. It also hosts a hot dog eating contest, and all popular Mermaid Parade.

Bryant Park – It is another lush green open space of Manhattan that is favourite of locals and tourists alike. You’ll find people playing chess, ping pong, or trying hands at new foreign language, yoga or a painting workshop. It also hosts summer film festival and has a winter ski rink for fun.

Fifth Avenue – This is where luxury resides in NYC. It is also home to Millionaire’s Row with most extravagant residences of city, with likes of Donald Trump house. It also houses the most luxurious shopping experience in city, with all high end labels. It is a must visit to witness all the glitter.

West Village – It is the neighbourhood from your favourite TV shows, Sex and the City, Friends. The brownstone lined streets, with houses from your dreams, make up this fine spot. It is also home to some of most charming cafés, boutiques, homes, gardens and more. Visit it to see how NYC lives.

Smorgasburg Williamsburg – It is one of the coolest spots in NYC. Smorgasburg is home to most amazing food market in NYC. It hosts more than 100 vendors. One must visit to challenge their taste buds for quest of good food. Williamsburg is known for boutique shops, and vintage market.

It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see!


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