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Top things to do in Guangzhou

Top things to do in Guangzhou

Also known as City of five Rams, it is China’s richest city and its busiest trading centre, with highest number of Millionaires. The big bucks live here, and so does many attractions that will leave you in awe. With colonial era heritage, and steadily paced metropolis, this place offers best of both the old world and new world. You will never want to leave the traditional Dim Sum eateries, and you will never be able to have enough of it. With River Pearl adding beauty to the landscape, the city is a delight to be at.From amusement parks to luxurious malls, from history loaded museums to ancient temples, this place offers a stiff competition to Chinese cities in international limelight like Beijing and Shanghai when it comes to diversity. Here are the top things to do when in here.

Canton Tower – Once the tallest tower in world, is most iconic buildings in the city. At night the tower illuminates with colourful lights and is spectacle to watch. It has world’s tallest horizontal sky wheel Bubble Tram, Sky Drop highest vertical free fall in world & world’s highest rotating restaurant.

Shamian Island – Separated by a canal on River Pearl, it was site of foreign settlement in city. It has more than 150 European styled buildings and is architectural delight. You’ll find statues, cathedrals, pavilions, wooden chairs and fountains around the island. It’s a great site for a walk of hour or two.

Chen Clan Ancestral Hall – The complex consists of 19 buildings, 9 halls and 6 courtyards. It was built for students partaking in Imperial Exams, by Chen clan the influential family of 19th century. It has wood stone n brick carving, pottery figures, stucco relief, iron copper casting and coloured drawings.

Yuexiu Park – The largest park in city is popular for Five Goats statue. The city is also called as city of Goats, because of legend of five goats that got good harvest in ancient times. This is a symbolic place and locals love it. It also houses the Guangzhou Museum which is located in park in Zhenhai Tower.

Temple of Six Banyan Trees – Built in 6th century, this one of oldest religious site of city has relics got from India. It has got its name from waxed lyrical on banyan trees by exiled poet Su Dongbo. Must see is nine-story Flower Pagoda with a colorful exterior. Site also has a restaurant serving veg meals.

Sacred Heart Cathedral – This neo gothic styled cathedral is one of its kinds built completely in granite in world. The French had built it. Besides western façade, it also has Chinese elements like Chinese lions at water outlets, sticky rice, China wood oil and Cantonese styled wood carvings.

Pearl River Cruise – Pearl is the third longest Chinese river, and Guangzhou is best viewed by it on a Night river cruise when entire city is shimmering in different lights. Ideally Starting from Shamian Island it goes via old Guangzhou(colonial) tovibrant streets n meet in toweringTianheDistrict.

Guangzhou Opera House – It is amulti award winning architectural delight that is often referred to as pebbles on River Pearl. It hosts operas, ballet, drama, symphony concert, Beijing opera, and local Cantonese opera. It is quite picturesque as well with city’s sky scrapers of CBD in background.

Guangdong Museum – It houses more than 166 thousand artefacts, and is situated along Canton tower and Opera house making the region a cultural hub. Architecture inspired by Chinese lacquer box, it houses treasures of ceramics, woodcarvings, ink stones, along with natural history displays.

Chimelong Resort – It is must visit and most family friendly spots in city. It has a safari park with more than 500 species of animal. There also is a circus with comedic, musical, acrobatic shows. An amusement and water park with world class rides, and bird park home to cranes, swans, rare birds.

Qing Ping Chinese Medicine Market – This sensory delight with front end shops in tiny alleys is a must visit. Not necessarily if you want to buy exotic herbs, but exploring is worth too. You will find ginseng, goji berries, Sichuan peppercorns, giant mushrooms, and dried creepy crawlies from sea.

Museum of Mausoleum of Nanyue King – Must see for insight into ancient history of city. The tomb is 2000 years old, and you can admire its artefacts. Also must see is, The Jade Burial Suit with Silk Thread. It exhibits more than 10,000 artefacts including Jade discs, bronzes, gold seals, and swords.

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall – It is a tribute to great father of nation. With Victorian style architecture it is ornated with blue glazed tiles and white granite steps. The large hall in complex stands without any pillar, and hosts large gatherings.Complex has historic relics and cultural records of Mr. Sun.

Cantonese Tea & Dim Sum – Morning tea is traditional in this city, also known as Yum Cha, and it shouldn’t be missed. Plus the city offers hundred’s varieties of Dim sums. Must try food in here are the fresh and transparent Shrimp Dumpling, Steamed Shaomai, and Steamed Vermicelli Roll.

Baiyun (White Cloud) Mountain – It is home to more than 30 peaks, and awesome hiking trails. Star Touching Peak, the highest point is accessible by steep steps, or cable cars, and views from top of it are worth all the pain. Best time to visit is spring, though it offers fresh environment round the year.

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