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Top things to do in Bangkok

Top things to do in Bangkok

This is the city that comes to our minds whenever we think of Tropical Asian holidays. This city is a gem of its kind with best food you must’ve ever eaten, and people that have fun in everything they do. The city is dotted with things to do only if you know about them. It holds repute of being a cosmopolitan city that has buzzing nightlife to not disappoint the young’s. From climate controlled mega malls to centuries old homes, this city is diverse at its heart. In here, a good day ends with a rejuvenating Thai massage. This city is ideal for family vacation to a romantic getaway to budgeted backpackers. So here we are with top things to do in amazing Bangkok.

Wat Arun – Also known as ‘Temple of Dawn’, it is located on the banks of Chao Phraya River giving it a picturesque backdrop. It is built in the ancient Khmer style, with floral pattern studded with glazing porcelain. It is named after Hindu God Aruna. It looks beautiful at dawn when right light falls on it.

Grand Palace – It was former residence of the Thai King and also the administrative HQ, now it hosts royal ceremonies to be watched by travellers from around the world. The Borombhiman Hall, Amarindra Hall, and ChakriMahaprasat (Grand Palace Hall) are sights to cherish in this palace.

Wat Pho – This temple is popular for the statue of reclining Buddha and best Thai massage across Bangkok. The statue is 46 meters long, 15 meters tall and coated with gold leaf. Inside the temple there are 108 bowls symbolizing Buddha’s journey, and has many colourful murals of Buddha.

Lumphini Park – It is Bangkok’s own Central park, and a perfect getaway from hustle and bustle of city. There are shady paths surrounded by all things green, cycling areas, lake boating, and also aerobic classes. In morning you can see old Thai’s practicing Thai Chi. It’s a relaxing spot.

Jim Thompson’s house – Jim Thompson was an American spy who settled in Bangkok after his service in World War 2. He made Thai silk famous, revived it to reach biggest fashion houses. The house is a complex of six Thai teak homes, and showcases history and making of Thai Silk.

Floating market – In Bangkok there are four floating markets, Taling Chan, Bang Ku Wiang, ThaKha, and DamnoenSaduak. While on a boat ride you can relish fresh fruits and vegetables, Thai food cooked right on the boat kitchen, coconut juices, etc. There are one of a kind and must visit.

Chinatown (Yaowarat) – Bangkok is no exception to having a Chinatown. It’s popular for its street side food. The Chinatown has gold shops, Chinese temples, restaurants and market stalls. Evening is best time to visit here and relish varied food. On Chinese New Year this place becomes epic.

Chatuchak Weekend Market – Spanning over 35 acres, hosting more than 8000 stalls, and attracting over 200,000 visitors a day is Chatuchak in figures. From designer clothes to fake merchandise to phones to pets to backpacks to kitchenware to food, this place can get anyone down on knees.

Soi Cowboy – It gets its name from an Afro American who wore a cowboy hat, opened first bar in this area. It is only 150 meters of street but is full of bars and clubs. Entry to all of them is free, and drinks prices fixed. At night in here is carnival like atmosphere with tons of neon lights flashing.

Chao Phraya River – Bangkok was once called the ‘Venice of East’, thanks to the Chao Phraya River and the canals fed by it. Still today thousands of people travel on ferries on river everyday for daily needs. To see the old bridges, houses on river edge and settlements on shore, a ride is must.

Bangkok National Museum – It is built on the grounds of Wang Na Palace, by King Rama V. It houses Chinese weapons, precious stones, puppets, textiles, Khon masks, recorded music, royal funeral chariots, and wooden carvings. In here Bhuddhaisawan Chapel houses some magnificent murals.

Watch Muay Thai Fight – It is the national sport of Thailand, and people glue to on air programs, or flock to see it live in stadiums. You can enjoy watching this game in any part of the country, though the best game happens in Rajadamnern Stadium between world class fighters. Not to miss.

Vimanmek Mansion – It is world’s largest golden teakwood building that has 81 rooms, halls and anterooms. Not even a single nail was used in its construction. Once a royal residence, it is now a museum and home to ancient artefacts and photographs. Visiting here requires a dress code.

Water Fight on Songkran – Songkran is the traditional Thai New Year, celebrated in mid-April. This water fight is born of Buddhist tradition where sprinkling of water is believed to wash sins, bad luck, and bring in lots of rain in coming months. On this festival you might want to buy a water gun.

Dusit Zoo – Originally a royal Botanical garden, is now a zoo. With over 1500 species of animals including endangered ones, this place also has animal hospital, education centre, museum, train, and a lake to boat on. A sunny day will be the best one to drop in here, and do wildlife spotting.

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