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Tips to get work done on a flight

Tips to get work done on a flight

Flying is usually the most unwanted part of travelling. Many will argue on this, especially ones that have watched an old movie, or finished a sitcom that otherwise they wouldn’t get time to, or ones that have listened all songs of their favourite artist, or ones that hit the bar. No matter what you do, somewhere down the line all are killing time while flying. But wait, there are some neck tie smarties that use this time to get their work done. It necessarily doesn’t have to be a business trip for you to be busy. But utilizing these up sky hours can sure make you feel good. So here we are with best tips to get your work done on flights.

Choose the Wifi Flight – With vast information on Internet, it could become the backbone of your busy hours on flight. Though many avoid In flight Wifi to stay away from work stress, but remember we are here to get work done, and wheels moving. So do check with airlines about the Wifi.

Churn it like if it were your desk – That reclining seat, dim lights, headphones on every head around can turn you little lazy. To tackle these feelings, open your mailbox and respond to the toughest person you are trying to follow up with, make that deal breaking presentation, finish your paper work, create that report, and make it clear that you are not on a flight but on desk up in air.

Aisle Seat has to be yours – Long work hours often require comfortable seating and this could be done on flights by booking the aisle seat. It will give you extra leg space and room to stretch your elbows. Once body has the room it needs, you will sure rock your work.

Be belly ready – Do no rely on those energy bars, or wait un till that wrapped piece of meals get delivered to your seat. Instead before boarding the flight have a good satisfying meal. It will make you hit the work as soon as you are comfortable on your seat. This is a bull’s eye tip.

Tips to get work done on a flight - Energy Bars

The Right Warm up – It will take you some time to adjust in your plane seat, and some time cabin crew will take before you to allow opening your devices. Meantime, read newspapers, talk to neighbour, and what you should never do is, turn the TV on, never. It will make you a couch potato, before you will ever know and your work will vanish in thin air.

Offline too is vital – Your offline apps are as important as your inflight Wifi. Many airlines provide wifi with a data limit, so you got to be a miser while using it. Usage of offline apps for email, doc management can save you from the trouble of upgrading your inflight data plan.

Carry the webpages – NO, we don’t mean you to take prints of important web pages vital to your work. But what we suggest is, open the imp Web pages before boarding, and keep the device on hibernating mode. You will save some money on inflight data plan.

It is quality time – You might have travelled on planes on every other day, but there is something you aren’t still sure about. Yes, this is the place with least distractions, till you have will to control the urge of watching TV or listening music or having a drink. So indulge in mind juggling tasks, and make plane your mini cabin for all work related travel. You will save, and optimize time.

Friend n Fiends – If there’s work on your mind, the last thing you should do on a plane is start a friendly homely conversation with your neighbour. Be aware that it won’t stop happily after one of it, there will be unexpected bursts, like what you are doing, hey this is Microsoft word right, oh must tell you I hate my boss, and you will regret starting that conversation.

Big Guns – We should have titled it differently, because guns aren’t still allowed on planes. Moving to work, if big will require your big guns, means big laptop, maybe VR gadget, couple of tablets the electronic ones, etc. The answer is no. Keep a smallest possible laptop with you while travelling. Your work needs faster thoughts, and not a big screen to show what’s going on with keyboard.

Spill can spoil – The point is watch out for your beverages. If opened, then please put a proper lid on them, if they don’t have one, finish them. A smoothie if spilled can destroy your laptop or your notebook along with your dress leaving you embarrassed and wet if you don’t have an extra pair in the handbag. Of course you used the handbag for laptop and gadgets. Uh Oh!

Writing is a private affair – If the work involves too much of writing, you might feel little insecure if people are watching over from your back, or your side. Speculation does bring down bars. To tackle this, buy screen protector that’ll allow person sitting directly in front to see, and none else.

Donot bend it like Beckham, Please – You are sitting on your seat, plane is up in air, laptop is running fine, then crack it breaks. Yes this can happen if person sitting in your front choose to stretch by loosening his reclining seat. So make them aware beforehand, and keep distance.

Be fully charged – Though all the airplanes these days have electrical outlets, but just in case if life throws you surprises you must be prepared. Point is that it might happen the socket not working, so keep your tablets, laptops, mobiles fully charged, and also keep power bank for backup.

Tips to get work done on a flight - Be fully charged

Multi plugged – Talking of power socket not working, can be very frustrating. So bring a 3 way outlet adapter. It will perfect fit in your neighbours socket and you both will be able to plug in your devices. This is a life saver on emergent occasions.

Jam packed – Before indulging into work you will surely want the surroundings to be quiet. While you can’t do so by telling everyone to be quiet, what you can do is jam pack your ears with ear buds or noise cancelling headphones. They go a long way to get your work done smoothly.

Time sensitive – Our bodies are time sensitive, implying that we are most active either during early hours, midday or late nights (ooh). So book your flights according to your work habits, making the flying time fit perfectly in your most suited hours of day. This will work wonders.

Comfort in zone – In our previous tip we have already booked the seat that will make us most comfortable. Now there are people that will work like gods when in pyjamas, or when in trousers, you choose yours and carry an extra pair in your handbag. Then change when hitting the work.

Don’t just fly, soar!


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