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Most Romantic Holiday Destinations

Most Romantic Holiday Destinations

There is no better feeling in this world than love, and no experience better than travel. When these two come together, they can make a world out of anyplace. A getaway with your other half or with love of your life is simply exquisite and worth everything put in. But not all places are romantic. Your other half can get in serious trouble for wearing a skirt in Saudi Arabia, highly distasteful of picking such a place for a romantic getaway. So here we have created a list of some places that won’t just fuel your wanderlust, but bloom the love in between.

Paris – It has to top the list for being overly popular amongst all things love, and it also lives to the reputation. A candle lit dinner followed by patisseries, or a laid back day besides Eiffel tower, the night strolls, hotel balcony views, and cobble stoned neighborhoods are worth it. Plus do we need to mention that rooftop bars of Paris are the best for a glass of wine with your significant other half.

Paris has always been the center of fashion, gastronomic scene, arts, and rich culture. Treating your loved one with a french cuisine and taking them out for shopping can be a good place to start. From leafy parks to jazz bars, Paris is a complete package that can give you diverse experiences. The best thing about Paris is that there is always something new to discover.

Kerala – This Indian beauty defined by its beautiful backwaters, hilltop tea plantations, palm, lined beaches, luxurious boathouses, centuries old and still soothing Ayurveda driven spas. This place is set to give you some quality laid back vacations with your other half. If there is any place in this world that has most beautiful backwaters then that is Kerala.

The best thing about travelling to Kerala is its peaceful environment. Yes that is essential when you would travel with your partner. The places gives you space to have some quality time. Beaches of Kerala are less explored, and less crowded, giving itself a romantic backdrop. As you would do a wine tour in Europe, while in Kerala you must do tea plantation tour in Munnar.

Bruges, Belgium – This little town is surprisingly a great getaway with your partner. Cobblestoned streets, horse driven carriages, all those fancy chocolate shops, canals by your side, timeless churches, and an exquisite market place, will get you all lost in fondness. Did you also knew that because of this all unique beauty Burges is a UNESCO World heritage city, which is another reason to visit here.

The old town of Burges is a must visit with your romantic partner. While there you will feel lost in timeless connection with each other. Another place you should must visit is Chocolate Museum. No romantic relationship has ever been strengthened without chocolate. It is also home to art galleries in case if you want to admire the artistic heritage of the city.

Venice – This list would have been incomplete with its mention. Nothing beats than a ride with your partner closed down in arms on a gondola. Plus we also don’t doubt the eye stealing architecture, the beauty of never ending canals, and the bridges in between too. In Venice there is a piece of history, or architecture, or rich heritage at every other corner.

Venice on a whole is the best opportunity to take awesome pictures. Yes your camera is going to feel exhausted, and you are going to record some memorable moments with your partner. As a romantic couple you can also visit Verona which is few hours away from Venice and the place where Romeo and Juliet existed. Yes make your romantic holiday epic with Verona.

Santorini – The color of seas has never been so sparkling, whitewashed houses with blue tops descending down to the shore are just perfect for your romantic backdrop. The food and beverages around this place are sumptuous, but worth the experience. The best thing about Santorini is the romantic sunsets, which you can enjoy from island over a glass of local fine wine.

Santorini is also famous for its black sand beaches, which can add a zest to your romantic trip, and work wonders in the vacation pictures. Two very popular places near Santorini are Fira, and Oia. You must know that the terrain of Santorini was formed by a volcano. The rocky terrain it has is also perfect for hiking and with your partner it is going to be even more special.

Kyoto, Japan – Truly an out of the world experience in mid of serenity with your partner. The gardens are irresistible for a laid back day under sunshine, tantalizing cuisines to be enjoyed with your partner, and an immersive experience of exclusive Japanese culture. The tea houses of Kyoto are world popular and enjoying a cup with your partner would be just perfect.

The shrine gates you get to see on postcard pictures, here you will see them in real. The place also has many temples for a more serene experience. The architecture of Japan is unique, and you are going love posing with them along with your partner. For culinary delight you can also head to Nishiki Market or if you are in a little picnic mood then you can visit the popular zen gardens of Kyoto.

Hawaii – We don’t believe that anyone is probably untouched by the vibes of this little heaven down on hearth. Beaches are coloured white, is normal, Hawaii has gold, red, black and green too. Cliffs, waterfalls, coral reefs, volcanic hilltops make it truly exotic. For long Hawaii has been a preferred destinations for romantic partners.

For moments of bliss you can go with your partner on a hike in Waimea Canyon. The beauty will truly inspire you, and you will get ample opportunities to enjoy scenic beauty of Hawaii with some great photography opportunities. Going surfing on Waikiki beach is another must do and being on surfboard along besides your partner is feeling unparalleled.

Buenos Aires – A Latin city that lives up to the expectations of couples. The city has delivered Tango that takes us off our seats into a lovely dance with partner. A tango class can be great way to get intimate with your partner. Plus there’s architecture, and also night life. If you think South America would be boring and not modern, then you would be surprised to visit this city.

Buenos Aires has been home to many popular poets, musicians, painters, dancers. This city is culturally very rich. The city is also home to Teatro Colon which is a seven storey theater which regularly hosts opera, ballet and classical music shows. The city is also home to more than 3500 restaurants where you can enjoy the Latin food and remember the taste forever.

Caribbean – It would be a shame if this gem was not included. Truly exotic, and a little paradise for travellers. The endless chains of islands studded with beautiful beaches will make your trip a private affair. Lively carnivals and local flavours complete the rest. From salsa to reggae you will only have moments to joy with your partner to break a leg or two.

Caribbean is home to many private islands resorts. They are prefect places for accommodation of romantic partners. They will give you private space, and the luxury to swim in a private beach where there would be no one to intrude into your privacy. Going scuba diving with your partner is another must do and you will find joy more than corals.

Budapest – Settled on the sides of River Danube, it’s the capital of hearts. Thermal baths of city are overly popular and couples must take a splash of it. It has a great local food and beverage scene with soothing architecture. River cruise is little more romantic than usual, and river Danube plays a very important role when it comes to the making of romantic trips special.

Heroes Square is one place you must visit, it encompasses Museum of Fine Arts and also the Hall of Arts. The circle has statues of prominent Hungarian people. Taking a walk by here will give you a glimpse of life in Budapest. The city is also popular for its nightlife, with many live music arenas, jazz clubs, and disco clubs. They are great for a hangout and some fun with your partner.

Love to live, Live to Love!


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