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Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Tips for Solo Female Travelers

Traveling solo might sound very scary to female traveler for the first time. But trust me world is not that dangerous, as bunch of people try to make it. For women it is about the first and last thing they love the most about traveling solo, which is freedom. You are as safe on a trip as you will be back home. Don’t let negative beliefs come in way of your solo trip. To make things officially sound, we have curated some tips that will sure come in handy to female travelers on their solo trip.

  • If you are uncomfortable staying in a hotel room, which you shouldn’t be and I must mention that reputed hotels pay too attention to privacy and security, you can always go for couch-surfing with a family, or stay at a Women hostel.

  • If you feel you will fall prey to a thug, especially when you are not a very good negotiator, choose a tour package or make all your bookings with reputed establishment where there is no bargain on price. You will not feel cheated and probably will be happier.

  • If on normal days you can’t live without jewelry, then keep your gold, silver, platinum ornaments someplace safe in home, and instead buy yourself hip / bohemian jewelry which is cheap and made of stone, wood, beads. You will still look fashionable.

  • Be a little more alert than normal, you can do this by occasionally sliding your designer sunglasses up to forehead and taking a sight of surrounding, along with a disconnect to your favorite playlist by unplugging the earbuds.

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  • Talk only to the point, and don’t act girly in some conversation with a vendor. Also keep an eye contact while doing so. This will cast your image as a straight forward, calm, sorted out person. I say person, because you will no longer be treated as a women.

  • Pack your bags with keeping the culture and traditions of the destination in mind might sound very unconventional and weird. But trust me it will work wonders for you. Donning a western dress might not be a very good idea in most of the third world.

  • Do some local shopping too, and buy local clothes. This will keep you indulged in local traditions, and you will no more look like a foreigner. With local dresses on, your acceptability will increase and its likely you will receive a more warm hospitality.

  • Trust deficit is usually high amongst women, no offences please. But you can come over it by self-reliance. Starting with equipping yourself with maps and map apps, so you wont be mislead to an unwanted place by a nasty local.

  • The best thing about womanhood is that their fraternity is global. You will find relief with a woman no matter how different you might be. For any small help look for fellow women, to eat choose a woman led café, to travel opt for pink taxis (run by women).

  • Never be alone walking on streets at night. Ladies, this is must. Book an Uber or local equivalent (where taxi driver is trackable) to find way back to hotel. Or if you are out from a concert try to be closer to bunch of families till you find way back home.

  • For traveling between cities in foreign lands, avoid hiring a taxi, even if it comes from trustable source. Choose air, rail, or bus. But before boarding them, take a sight of your fellow passengers. If there are couple of families, ask to what point they are traveling. Got the point.

  • Don’t buy the shit of, ‘Let me buy you a drink’. You will get enough of men and boys back at your home. You are on a trip to enjoy and have some wonderful experience, and not on a travel date. Make an exception if that is a celebrity of your dreams. That was obviously a joke.

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  • Don’t get drunk too much. I also have an insider tip, if by any chance you join another bunch of women to drink more than usual, you might be feeling okay. But the moment you will lose the company or get out of loud music, your dizziness, and intoxication will rise. Be wise.

  • I don’t discourage interaction with new people, but beware of loner men, and it is highly unadvisable to tell anyone about exact place where you are staying. Think what person would like to know such a thing, especially if he has hints that you are a traveler.

  • During your entire itinerary, you might have to travel between cities. Plan accordingly so that you don’t arrive at any destination in mid of night. Try to keep your arrival times anywhere between early morning to late evenings.

  • Your gut feeling is your inner voice and represents your beliefs, experiences and personality. Trust it more than any of the advices I or anyone else can give. If it’s a weird strange feeling, give no second thoughts and find other way out of it.

You go girl!


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