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Best gifts for travelers

Best Gifts for travelers

We all have at least one globetrotter we know in our lives. It could be your cool uncle, nasty sibling, lovely spouse, understanding cousin, caring parents or funny friend. With such an influence, you must be aware that traveling only sounds easy and all those lovely jargons. Those who do, make bottleneck decisions when they pack. Here we are to suggest you some best gifts that will be irresistible on not to pack. Give them something they need and be always remembered during their adventures, explorations and travels.

Packing Cubes – A traveller can never have enough of these. Trust me they come in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Give them these, and make a space in their travel pack.

Travel wallet – They might not have this accessory. Ensure it is small compact, yet must have space for passport, tickets, cards, driving license, and of course money with change.

Shampoo Bar – This one is so handy. It will save them customs that refrain carrying liquids. Plus it lasts long, smells well, and washes perfectly. Give them a pack of it.

Camera Drone – Your traveller buddy is going to love this one. But keep it compact yet powerful. It is every traveller’s fantasy to click some good pictures. Here it will help.

Compression Socks – Well they are easy to find, but you can keep it exclusive with some fancy design. Trust me those not aware, will love this. Helps on long flights.

Cuisine Book – Find a small portable book that includes cuisines from all around the world, divided by geographies. This will help them locate the right spot for their appetite.

Travel Pillow – A busy traveller might ignore this, but don’t you. It is a lifesaver for neck pains in long flights, or even train travels. Find one that is easy to pack and carry.

Compass – Well hardly they are in use, but great accessory to keep, if it comes with a chain, or something similar. Travellers will love this, especially ones that keep maps on trips.

Compass - Best Travel Gifts

Collapsible Water Bottle – A great accessory which can even fit in your laptop bag, and doesn’t need much space in luggage. Perfect for outdoor adventure travellers.

Ear Plugs and Sleeping Masks – True piece of finding comfort. Not only helpful in long flights, but in hotel or hostels too. Pick ones that are most comfortable to eyes and ears.

Travel Notebook – Buy a dedicated one that could come in handy to travellers that still use pen for writing their experiences. This will become a memoir or a place of thoughts.

Portable Bluetooth Speaker – Nothing could be more soothing than hearing your favourite song not on earphones at a serene beach, in middle of a lake, or somewhere in wild.

Foldable Tote Bag – Never ever underestimate this one. Can become a carry bag when buying groceries offshore, or for carrying your swimsuits to the beach, anything.

International Travel Plug Adapter – This one is a great gift. Often travellers juggle with different sized sockets when abroad. This will just work in any country w/o hassle.

Portable Jewellery Box – This is for all those outgoing women travellers that can’t part ways from carrying their jewellery. This one will keep them safe and at one place.

Compact Hair Dryer – Especially for women. Though many hotels will have this one, and many will also not. More small the better it is, but should be powerful. Great one.

Combination Luggage Lock – Small but yet a great item. Don’t gift one, but many pieces. Can lock your luggage, backpack, even laptop bag. Should be durable and very strong.

SD cards – Especially for all of your photo fanatic traveller buddies. Very handy. Never bad to have an extra one. Travellers will love to carry bunch of them, and will suit all of them.

Sarong – This is multipurpose piece of cloth that especially comes in handy for women. Can serve as beach wear, towel, skirt, scarf, blanket, or curtain. A top notch gift.

Noise Cancelling Headphones - Best Travel Gifts

Noise cancelling Headphones – Travellers that plan out playlists weeks before trip are ones to gift this one. Will come handy in flights, local commutes, or at busy sight spots.

A copy – You can always give them a copy of ‘Eat, Pray and Love’, or a Travel Guide from Lonely Planet to place they are traveling next, or subscription of a travel magazine.

Sunglasses – You never too old to don them. Perfect for travellers as their days are all outdoors, and it is soothing for eyes. You can gift a couple of them to your buddy.

Hats – Perfect for travellers. Folks most of the time when you travel, sun is at top. This will not only save you but act as a great accessory. Also it is photo friendly for great shots.

World Map Coasters – Nothing beats than reminding a traveller that he has been to half of world while rest half is to be covered. Every time they drink, they’ll think of travelling.

GoPro – Nothing will give them better pleasure than having a Go Pro. Perfect for filming adventures like scuba diving, bungee jumping, para sailing, etc. etc. Perfect gift.

Give them a Gift and earn your Moment.


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