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Best nude beaches in the world

Best nude beaches in the world

Beaches have always been the places to flaunt your body. Going in all natural might add a zing to it. You do not have to worry about tan lines, and you don’t have to carry the extra baggage on your body. Nude beaches can give you all of these freedoms. At some places it might be even prohibitory to don a bikini, but thanks to some other cool places where you won’t even need that.

In this blog we have compiled a list of some far flung destinations that you can visit, without worrying on what you will wear on the beach. Some of them have optional clothing, while some ban you to wear anything. If headed out for a beach holiday, consider these destinations.

Plage de Tahiti, St. Tropez, France

St. Tropez beaches were pivotal in the topless beach experiences of 60’s. If you want to go for optional clothing and want to be in mid of some classy travelers, then this beach is for you. The beach is also frequently visited by Global celebrities. Though it is relatively costly, but lesser crowd, clean beaches, and amazing gastronomic scene will make it up to it.

Cap d’Agde, France

Also known as the Naked City, this beach is the queen of all nudist resorts. It attracts close to 40,000 visitors every day in peak times dropping off their clothes. Nudity is mandatory on beaches, while in the region it is optional. You can go nude for shopping, dining, in the post office, or in the banks. It is west of the Riviera, and best time to visit is during New Year holidays.

Spiaggia di Guvano, Corniglia, Italy

Unlike the French Riviera, Spiaggia di Guvano beach is rather secluded and located in the Cinque Terre region. To get here you will have to take railway path through a pitch black tunnel, or you can choose to get here by boat. The beach has pebbles instead of sand. Also there aren’t much establishments here, but the region has UNSECO world heritage site, so expect lots of sightseeing.

Red Beach, Crete, Greece

Red Beach is one of less crowded beaches, and can be reached with a 20 minute hike from the village of Matala or a quick boat ride. It gets its name from the rusty colored sand and red sand stone cliffs. The rural appeal here attracts its visitors, though you will not find many establishments near the beaches, though it has a bar named Yiannis. The sand is little coarse, so we recommend bringing towel.

Haulover Beach, Miami, Florida

Haulover is the most popular optional nude beach In United States. It attracts close to 1.3 million nude beach visitors every year. Nearby areas include the popular South Beach and even the Ft. Lauderdale. It has white sands and you can immerse in some quality swimming on beaches with sight of trained lifeguards or party with some best DJ”s spinning their music, or set a Guinness record for skin dipping.

Samurai Beach, Port Stephens, Australia

Samurai beach is located near to Tomaree National Park, and the best thing that it is maintained well all year round. It is a clothing optional beach. But you got clothe up if you want to explore the neighboring region or even the camp sites. It has many good resorts, hotels, and restaurants around. The north side of beach is much visited by couples, while single males should head to Southern side.

Wreck Beach, Vancouver, Canada

Wreck beach is around 7.8 meters long, making it the longest nude beach in the world. To reach here you will have to hike through the forest and walk down 400 steps through rocky terrain. It is located just opposite to University of British Colombia, so you can also expect lots of students. Musicians, and volleyball games are highlights here. You can also find many nude vendors selling booze to snacks.

Praia do Pinho, Brazil

Praia Do Pinho is located 50 miles north of Florianopolis. In this beach nudity is mandatory so you cannot give excuses like if are roaming to test the waters. It’s a popular site in South America and you can also rent a cabin here for holidays. You need to be a couple to enter this beach or if you are a single male then you need to be the member of International Naturist Federation and have their passport.

Grande Saline, St. Barts

The Caribbean beach of Grand Saline, is all white sands, turquoise waters and a huge coastline. It’s an optional nude beach but topless get ups are the unsaid standards here. It is recommended that you bring your beach holiday stuff with you, as you will find very less vendors. The only down side here is that you wont find shade, so better bring the umbrella along.

Koversada, Istria, Croatia

Home to many bays, Croatia has many dude beaches and one of the best is Koversada beach. Holiday here will be easy to your pockets, and is well within reach from Vrsar. Sandy beaches, sheltered bays, and lots of local beer on tap will make your holiday worthwhile. There are campsites for tent and caravans, so you can choose your best match. This nudist beach has existed since 1950’s.

The bare beaches are calling!


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