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How to kill time at Airport

How to kill time at airport

I have always been an admirer of travelling, after all the possibilities in it are endless. Now getting back to the point of this blog, have you ever been stranded at an airport for long hours because of long layovers or flight delays or simply because you arrived the airport too early or luckily the security check in got wrapped is way less time than expected. Yes, probably you have and we bet killing that hours are not easy, but we also promise that it is not difficult too. If it isn’t the Changi Airport with butterfly garden and roof top pool, options to pass time could get less. But as I started Travelling is about endless possibilities. So here we are, on how to kill time at airports.

Grabbing a whole cup of coffee and a magazine can be a great head start. We bet most of you hadn’t had the luxury of reading magazine over years, due to busy work life or competitive studies. But here is your chance to flip through glossy pages and read those lovely decorated words.

I love numbers, they are very playful, and great brain teasers. So grab your cell phone and start calculating things like travel budget, or may personal finances, or maybe some maths on investment you have made, or maths on policy you have bought. It will be fun and important at same time.

Day by day airlines are cutting down on in flight foods, so you might want to stock up your carry on with some snacks or fruits. Not just stock, but start consuming them slowly from the moment.

Most of us are book lovers, and I am sure you must be one of us because room out of it is very cringy. Grab aa good book about what you like most, fiction, self-help, business, health whatever, and simply immerse yourself in it. I bet those pages will keep moving and time you will forget.

Ring some bells. I mean pull out your phone and talk to people whom you haven’t contacted for long but they mean to you lot. But please don’t tell them you are in an airport killing time.

Ladies how the hell can you be depressed about waiting at the airport, in case if you forgot it has duty free shops. Got the chills, we too, because on large airports there are too many of them. You need not to buy everything but you must visit every outlet, and time – who knows it.

Airport is also not a bad place to turn into a mad scientist. Well we aren’t going find cure to cancer, or have a blast out of chemicals. But what you can do is search the internet for thing you have been lately wanting to, like job search, or an online course search, or a recipe search, etc.

Wait Ladies, we are not done yet, and men too. In case you didn’t know that most airports these days have Spa and Lounges available. So loosen up that tie, or pull out your high heels and get on that seat for a relaxing back massage or may be a pedicure. Amazing thing to do before flight..

How to kill time at airport

This is not for adults who have seen the world, but teens and kids can always find joy in exploring the airport itself, though they all are same, but that’s why I said teens and kids.

I hope you are a Tom Hanks Fan, well he is not coming to entertain you on airport, but then I wont have to explain you what he did in Movie Terminal. You can do that too, in many airports. Earn money by returning loose luggage carts. Its little fun, but more rewarding.

Try learning the lost art of face reading and body reading. Pick any passenger on the airport see their dress and guess where he is from, see if he is stressed or elated to go on board, etc.

If you on route back to home, or headed to a family gathering after a long time, might we suggest that you go on a souvenir shopping. Gifts are loved by all, irrespective of age, and modern day airports have options for such shopping. So earn some hugs and kisses from loved ones.

A pack of cards and group of people can kill any amount of time. Do you believe in it, because I do, and if you don’t, then give it a try this time! To eliminate the monotony in it try diff card games.

You are strangers till you say a Hi or pass a smile or think about them. This is the unsaid rule, people. So go on, spot another bored passenger and start interesting conversations with them.

One of the best ways to tackle the longest waiting hours is to head out and see the city. Accepted that Airport is often far from the heart of city, but you have got long hours. Add some meaningful memories to your trip.

If you aren’t sure of all these, another great way is buying the tickets to waiting room. Trust me, your luggage will be safe while you doze off, and do we need to mention that sleeping is great and good both, before entering into a long flight where catching up with dreams can be hard on a seat.

Time flies, and so do flights!


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