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29 Facts you didn’t knew about Vietnam

Facts you didn't knew about Vietnam

When it comes to travelling to South East Asia, there is one name that pops the minds of all travelers. It is Vietnam. The country of Vietnam might not be geographically very large, but has ample amount of natural and manmade bounties to explore. The country has seen it all, right from being ruled by several dynasties to becoming a French colony to seen a war to becoming an emerging force in terms of economic growth. Back in days, Vietnam was divided into two major parts, Northern part which was ruled by communist regime and Southern part which was a US backed territory. Since the unification of Vietnam it has earned its place at the global stage, and became eye candy for travelers.

In this blog we have listed some of the most interesting and some of the most fun facts about Vietnam. If you have travelled to this magnificent country, or are planning to visit it, we assert that you read these facts. Level up your intel on this country, and beat a friend or two in a trivia.

1 – The main mode of transportation in Vietnam is through Motor Bikes

In most of the countries, people prefer to own a car, or they depend on the public transportation modes to commute. But in Vietnam the main mode of transportation is motorbikes. Interestingly there are more than 45 Million registered motorbikes in Vietnam which is actually one half of its population. It is the reason that traffic here can get chaotic at times.

2 – The name Vietnam in local language means People of the South

The country of Vietnam gets its name from two local words, which are Viet and Nam. These words translate into People and South, which when combined means Southern People. These words were often used by the Chinese rulers of the country back in 2 Century BC, when they referred the people of Vietnam as southern people. After independence in 1945 from France the country adopted this name.

3 – There are around 392 rivers in Vietnam

Vietnam is also known as the Land of Rivers. The total number of rivers in Vietnam amount up to 392 with a cumulative length of more than 6700 Kilometers. These rivers have played a significant role traditionally in lives of people especially who live in the Red River Delta and Mekong Delta.

4 – World’s largest cave is in Vietnam

Vietnam is also home to the world’s largest cave which goes by the name of Son Doong. IT is so big that it is believed that a Boeing 747 can be parked in one of its sections. The cave is located in the Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park, and is a natural beauty to spectacle. It has underground jungles, enormous stalactites, and even clouds floating inside the cave. It’s a whole ecosystem out there in Son Doong.

5 – Ho Chi Minh is the most popular figure in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh is the most popular and most loved figure in the country, a true national hero.  He is considered as then founding father of the modern Vietnam. His remains are mummified and put on display in the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in the city of Hanoi. He is also recognized as a great man of culture by the United Nations.

6 – Living with grandparents and parents together is a part of Vietnamese culture

In Vietnamese culture family is given lots of significance. It is very common to see joint families with grandparents and grandchildren living together. In Vietnamese culture grandparents play an important role in the upbringing of the grand children. In Vietnamese culture education is given high importance too. Children having good and proper education are highly valued.

7 – Football is the most popular sports of Vietnam

Football is the most popular sports of the country. In event of some national or some international football matches, the cafes and restaurants of the country are flooded with people to cheer for their favorite teams.

8 – Vietnamese New Year is the most popular holiday

Tet is the most popular Vietnamese holiday. It is the day of Vietnamese New year , and is celebrated with equal zeal by all the people of country. Family get together, and grand feasts are some of the highlights of this popular holiday.

9 – Pho is the National Dish of Vietnam which is prepared in every restaurant

The national dish of Vietnam is Pho. It is a noodle soup dish which is served and prepared in every restaurant and street vendor of the country. You might have already tasted it if you have been to a Vietnamese restaurant. It is the dish that you will get in every part of Vietnam.

10 – Chinese Emperors have ruled Vietnam over a long period of time

Vietnam has been ruled by Chinese dynasties for over a thousand years. They first arrived in the year of 111 BC, and had named the country as Annam, which meant Pacified South. After a lot of resistance, uprising, and revolts, the Chinese rulers were finally defeated in the year of 939 AD.

11 – Vietnam is the second largest exporter of Coffee in the world

Vietnam is the world’s second largest exporter of coffee, and amounts to the 10% of the world’s coffee produce. The Vietnamese coffee is known for its unique taste, and richness in its flavors.

12 – The pointy hats of Vietnamese people is called as Non La

We bet that everyone who loves travelling must have seen the pictures of Vietnamese people while wearing those pointy hats. They are locally called as Non La. These hats are handcrafted from bamboo and you can get them easily from any part of the country.

13 – Snake Wine consumption is common in Vietnam

Vietnamese people are also known to be a great consumer of snake wine, which is quite popular in South East Asia. It might sound creepy, but Vietnamese people believe that by consuming snake wine they will enhance their vitality, and it is believed to have other health benefits.

14 – After French Colonization, Vietnam was divided into Communist and Non Communist part for long before it unified

After the French were driven out from Vietnam in the year of 1954, the country was divided into two parts. The first part was the Communist Democratic Republic of Vietnam with Hanoi as its capital and was the Northern Part if the country. The second part was non communist Republic of Vietnam with Saigon as its capital, and was the southern part of the country. After a tough war, when the United States was kicked out of the country in 1974, it became a unified Socialist Republic of Vietnam, governed by Vietnamese people.

15 – Vietnamese people believe in many superstitions

Vietnamese people follow lots of superstition when it comes to gifting other people. They will never gift something related to Number 4 which means death. They will never gift bananas as it symbolizes failure. They will never gift glasses or cups to a newlywed couple as it symbolizes separation. Gifting anything that doesn’t goes with the norm of the people can also offend them.

16 – Vietnamese language is more about Tonality

Interestingly Vietnamese language is more about tonality. There are many words that have different meanings but are spelled the same. The only way to make them different is by orating them differently. For example ma, means both ghosts and horse. So Vietnamese language can be a little tough to master.

17 – Vietnamese people produce some of the finest quality of rice

Vietnam is a country which is blessed with natural resources, and a very fertile soil. The red River delta of Vietnam is believed to produce some of the finest quality of rice which is in high demand from people all across the world.

18 – Vietnamese people can ask about your personal finances in normal conversation

Interestingly Vietnamese people will ask about your age and marital status at the first point of their meeting. This is especially very common amongst the older generation. Back in times, Vietnamese people would also ask upfront about your finances. This might seem odd, but Vietnamese people do this so that they can pick the right topics and subjects to talk about with you.

19 – Vietnam is also home to world’s longest cable car

World’s longest cable car is located in Vietnam, and is precisely located in the Phu Quoc Island. While travelling in this cable car you can expect to pass through lush green forests, and magnificent coast lines. It is a must have experience if you visiting this region of Vietnam.

20 – There is a perfume river in Vietnam

Vietnam is also home to a perfume river. The name of the river in local language is Hue, and it passes through the city of Hue. While passing here you will catch a sweet smell like that of a perfume, which is actually produced by the lush green surroundings and the effect of water. IF you want to explore the natural heritage of the country then a visit here is must.

21 – Water puppetry is common mode of entertainment in Vietnam

Water puppetry is a very common form of entertainment for Vietnamese people. This form of art is believed to be more than 1000 years old. The puppeteers make puppets dance of water while depicting some old tale or a story from day to day life.

22 – Having pet snakes in Rural Vietnam is common

Rural Vietnamese people follow the practice of petting snakes. It is believed that pet snakes bring good fortune and ward off the evil from their homes.

23 – There is a place in Vietnam where it snows

Despite of Vietnam being a tropical country, there is a place in Vietnam where it snows. There is a small town which goes by the name of Sapa, located in the Northern Vietnam and situated at an altitude of 1600 meters which receives snowfall. This place is referred to as Europe of Vietnam.

24 – Vietnamese Bank Notes are also in multiples of Thousands and Millions

Vietnamese money and currency notes have denominations of thousands and Millions. In short it is easy to be a millionaire over here.

25 – Possessing Narcotics in Vietnam can lead to Death Penalty

Narcotics is a big no in Vietnam. If you are found carrying even small quantity of cocaine or heroin, you can be imposed with a death penalty. 

26 – Popular Basket Boats of Vietnam are made out of Bamboo for fishing in shallow waters

Basket boats that you might have seen while visiting here or on the pictures of Vietnam are the traditional Vietnamese boats that are made entirely of bamboo. They are primarily used for fishing in shallow waters. You can also take a ride on one of them for a picture memento from Vietnam.

27 – The law in Vietnam requires people to carry a photographic ID at all times

As per the law of Vietnam it is also mandatory to always carry a Photographic identity with you all the times. Travelers must keep this mind and always carry a copy of their passport and VISA. By not complying with the law, you could be fined or face legal repercussions.

28 – Nguyen is the world’s fourth-most common surname

Nguyen is the most common surname in the country. Moreover this surname is the world’s fourth most common surname. In Vietnam it is estimated that around 40% of the population has this surname. It is also one of the major reason why Vietnamese people are primarily called by their first name.

29 – Vietnam has a diverse and extensive wildlife

Vietnam is also known for being rich in wildlife. It is estimated that more than 16% percent of the world’s entire wildlife species can be found here. Some of the prominent ones here include, Indian Elephants, Water Buffaloes, Burmese Pythons, Tigers and Dolphins. If you happen to be a wildlife lover then you must visit Vietnam to experience its wild side.

Travel to Vietnam to explore the hidden gems of South East Asia!


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