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Everything you need to know about space travel

Everything you need to know about Space Travel

There were days when travel was just about beaches, mountains, luxury resorts, and ancient sites. People would just pack up their bags and get headed to the destinations they have seen in post cards. Now the travel and tourism industry has even reached space. Yes, if you had a dream as a kid of going to space, and have loads of money then space travel is a reality. Space is no more just for astronauts, but people like you and me can also indulge in the exploration of the vast void.

In this blog we have listed everything you need to know about the exciting prospects of space travel. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but think again once going into space was also not possible.

What was the beginning of Space Travel?

News of space travel might be buzzing your feeds nowadays more often, but its history is well established even before. The first ever travelers were taken to space were by Russian Space Agency.  Dennis Tito, an American businessman was the first ever space tourist. He flew in the Soyuz rocket, and reached the International Space Station on April 30, 2001. Apparently he stayed in the International Space Station for one week.

Mark Shuttleworth who is a South African businessman was the second space tourist who also flew in the Soyuz rocket by the Russian space agency on April 25, 2002, and reached till International Space Station. Greg Olsen was the third space tourist and an American businessman who flew in Soyuz rocket for International Space Station on October 1, 2005.

What are the companies that can fly you into Space?

Space tourism is rapidly catching up pace, and there are businesses that are showing interest in this multi-billion dollar industry. Presently there are only few players that are capable of launching people into space. All of them have successful track record in sending people to space.


SpaceX is a private company that specializes in space exploration. They are capable of building their own rockets. They have their own launch sites, and in past they have worked successfully with private players and government agencies. It is noteworthy that SpaceX is a company founded by Elon Musk the man who also founded PayPal, Tesla and has recently acquired Twitter.

SpaceX have created their own set of space vehicles, which are Falcon 9, Starlink, Dragon, and Falcon Heavy.  SpaceX also has developed reusable rocket technology. In past they have launched multiple commercial satellites into space, and also transport astronauts to International Space Station.

SpaceX is also working on setting up a permanent colony on Mars for human settlements. Though this project is far fetched, but work is in progress.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin is founded by Jeff Bezos who also founded Amazon, and is a private space flight organization. They have designed and developed New Glenn rocket which is made of reusable technology and is capable to putting dozens of people in earth’s orbit at the same time. Their specialization is sub orbital flights. The space journey from Blue Origin is going to be of few minutes above the 100 kilometer mark from sea level. Travelers can experience weightlessness, and amazing views from space.

On July 20, 2021, Jeff Bezos along with three other passengers travelled to space in the New Shepard vehicle of Blue Origin. The other passengers were brother of Jeff Bezos, Mark, 82-year-old aviation maverick Wally Funk, and Dutch teenager studying physics Oliver Daemen.

“Blue Control, Bezos. Best day ever!” were the words of Jeff Bezos while he was in the flight.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic which is a part of wider Virgin Group of companies founded by Richard Branson, is the first company which was licensed to fly passengers into space. They are a pioneer in this industry, and have been working since long to realize the dream of space tourism.

They have a fleet of spacecrafts named as SpaceShipTwo and SpaceShipThree. They are specialized in sub orbital travel which means that passengers will cross the 100 kilometer mark from earth’s sea level and will experience weightlessness. The price list for Virgin Galactic is at few hundred thousand dollars.

On 10 August 2023, health n wellness coach Keisha Schahaff, and her daughter Anastatia Mayers became the first mother daughter duo to travel in space. They were accompanied with Jon Goodwin who was an Olympics player. In her own words, she was ‘star struck’. This was made possible by Virgin Galactic space flight named Galactic 02.

What are the training exercises needed for Space Travel?

Space travel might sound fun, but it can be a little uncomfortable if you are not prepared. There will be extreme pressures in space and unusual feeling of weightlessness. Fitness for facing such circumstances is very necessary. Medical practitioners recommend that height be somewhere between 160 cm to 185 cm, and weight be somewhere between 50 kg and 95 kg to be found fit for space travel.

Before venturing into space, all travelers will be needed to go through physical training sessions that astronauts undergo, but in a more compact version lasting for about 8 to 10 days. This training session will make you mentally strong for the trip and also will introduce you to technology that is put behind the space travel. There are simulators which will give you the feel of being in space. There are centrifuges that will give you the experience of being in high gravity situation which gets created during the rocket launch.

What experiences one should be wary of while space travel?

When you reach the zero gravity zone, you will feel dizzy and feel nausea. These are some of the side effects. You will also feel full headed, and you might not feel your legs like on earth because there will be no gravity to pull blood down to your legs. But the excitement of you being in space is going to hold you up and you will do just fine.

Usually the space travel is going to last for a day, but if you have signed up for a longer stay in the space, like for few days or a week, then you should be prepared for some bumps into your head. It is very normal because of the absence of gravity and free flowing body. Remember this is going to happen no matter how much prepared and how much training you had.

Going to toilet, eating food, and drinking water is not going to be easy in space. The water is going to float freely in the air while drinking, while food will fly before you can grab a bite. The toilets are also not that simple in space flights and the training you do are going to help you.

Returning back to earth from space flight can be done via two ways, which is either through winged vehicle which is a shuttle, or through a parachute based capsule. If you are in a shuttle the landing is going to be smooth like an airplane, but if you are in a capsule expect a bumpy ride. Remember when you will re enter the earth’s gravity you are going to feel the pressure.

Space trip is worth it

Overall a space trip is going to be worth it. The experience of having gone into space will be like none of the feelings. It will be a super costly affair, but you are going to make a memory of a lifetime. It is like a fantasy we all have, and it is like a dream we all envision.

Make some space!


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