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Tips for Last minute vacations

Tips for Last minute vacations

It is always advisable to plan your holidays in advance, but what if life throws you an opportunity to travel last minute. Would you take it, or dispose it. If you are one of the travel enthusiast, we say you will take it on. Last minute vacations might feel like a daunting trip with everything to plan and do in such a short time, but again it is an experience of a life time. The rush of enthusiasm is often very high in last minute vacations. The uncertainty element is the most fun part. It is not just it , you also get to avail the last minute deals, that often are more advantageous than months of planning. So here we are with some of the tips to keep in mind when you are travelling the last minute.

Flexibility is the key – This is the beauty of last minute plans. Keep your destinations flexible, and seek the best deals, then the destination. We are not saying to fly anywhere, but keep your options open. Often Sunday airway tickets are costlier, so you can move the dates to weekdays.

Peak Season Destination – When making last minute travel plans, try not to pick a destination where would be peak season. Trust us, you will be overwhelmed with the crowd, and the prices of hotels and air lines will be sky rocketed. There will always be a destination, off season where you can travel.

Fair Air Fare – In last minute vacations, you will often encounter sky high air line tickets. The key is to keep checking. Do not make instant reservations, but give it some time, as air line prices are dynamic. The top tip is to first book air tickets and then proceed to the hotel bookings. It has to be that way.

Budget on your mind – One thing that you must be careful about in last minute vacations is to keep the budget on your mind. Yes, last minute vacations are usually costlier than well planned vacations, so while making all the bookings, stay budgeted. But don’t be to stern, a slight deviation is okay.

Deal Alerts – When booking last minute, subscribe to deal alerts on air fares and hotel bookings. It means whenever the prices go up or come down, you will get notified, or if there is a cancellation of hotel room, then you be notified of availability. Lot can happen in within a day too.

Incognito Mode – While making bookings the last minute it is advisable that you use the incognito mode. Yes, the browser history and cookies in your system might alert the booking portals to hike up the prices. The key is that do not let technology trick you. Be a smart traveler.

One way – It is advisable that you make one way ticket bookings with your airlines. As often two one way tickets come cheaper than return tickets. Plus wasn’t this vacation a last minute one, so your plans could also change the last minute of your return. Make the best of your days off.

The App Mania – There are lots of applications on the web that offer you last minute deals, in terms of hotel bookings, cab bookings, or air line tickets. Make the best use of them. The chances are that you will land a sweet deal before you take off. Avail cash backs, and discount coupons on credit cards.

Don’t make a fuss out of it – If you are unable to handle the pressure of last minute bookings, then it is advisable that you take help of a travel agent. Yes, they are going to charge you a fee, but then it is better than committing a mistake while booking and being stranded in a place far from home.

Tour Packages – Yes, most of the seasoned travelers would say that Tour packages are very bounding, and they limit the scope of exploration you can do in your destination. But when you buy a tour package at last minute, the chances are that you will save money. It is like shopping from Walmart.

Refund Policies – Most of the hotel and cab bookings have a refund policy that makes your booking non refundable if applied within a certain time frame like 48 hours before check in or so. Make a note of all these technicalities, while booking the hotels, and cabs. Go for user friendly hotels and cabs.

Hotel Hacks – This is the fun part, which you can have while travelling last minute. Avoid making hotel reservations through booking portals, instead pick up the phone and make them a call, and see if they can offer you better prices than that listed on aggregators. Chances are that you will find better prices.

The alternative – When travelling locally in last minute, you can also try other options like Trains or Road Trip. Trust me the vistas you are going to enjoy when travelling in train or by taking a road trip are un parallel than that of air travel. Plus the chances are that you will save money.

Long Hotel Stays – Last minute vacations do not mean that the trip is going to be short. Yes if the trip is long and you are staying in the same hotel for a longer time, try making it short, and when you reach the destination, look out for other options that might come cheaper. Chances are you will find some.

Social Media Deals – Often brands and businesses, roll out special deals and coupons to their social media followers, or their email subscribers. Be sure to check the official handles of air lines, hotels, cab companies, restaurants, chances are that you will sure find a coupon code that you can apply.

With the flow – The most important tip of last minute vacations is to go with the flow. Deal with things as they come, and trust us this is the most fun and adventurous part of last minute vacations. Despite of taking all the proper measures, things can go wrong, but this is what travelling teaches you.

Pack Simple – There is one thing we all do before a vacation that is vacation shopping which includes us shopping for new clothes, latest accessories and travel stuff. In last minute vacation, avoid shopping, as it will take your time and attention. Pack what you already have, and pack lightly.

There is no better time to travel than now!


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