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Best Destinations for Night Life

Best Destinations for Night Life

Gen Z has always been known to celebrate life as it comes. They travel the most and also party the most. It is the clinking if glasses, loud music, and shady lights that make a night perfect for Gen Z. Yes, they do not travel for food, but they travel for a good couple of drinks. They do not travel for making long lasting friends from foreign places, but they travel for one night stands. They do not travel for historic places, but they travel to break their historic drinking records. If you too want to travel to a destination of night owls, then here is a list of top destinations where you can party, party and party. Yep these cities are most infamous for partying hard and harder.


Bangkok – Yep this is where you will find the Khao San Road, where you will find people drinking alcohol from buckets. It is also home to some of the best ex pat bars. The nightlife scene in Bangkok lasts up till 5 AM morning. Downtown of Bangkok is well known for rooftop bars, while dance clubs can be found in the Sukhumvit area, and trendy pubs in the locality of Thlonglor. Bangkok never disappoints.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas – Sin City is a place which makes its place in every list of nightlife cities. It is dotted  every where with bars, clubs and casinos. Whether its boozing or placing your bets, this city would never disappoint. Vesper in the Cosmopolitan hotel or PURE can be two good places to hang out in.


Barcelona – This is the place where clubs do not get busy until 1 AM, which lasts till the dawn. It is the reason why the locals and also tourists do not wake up till noon. IT is the city where people have their dinner at mid night, rest is a saga. On weekends the beach front area gets lit up like anything. Magic Club or Moog could be nice places where you can hang out.


Ibiza – This place is like the Mecca of club goers, and each one of them should at least once in their lifetime visit Ibiza. Here beach parties happen during the day, while bars get lit up in evenings and nights are for grooving with the world’s best DJ’s. It is the best place to get into party boat cruises. Amnesia, Pacha, Café Del Mar, are some of the places you should hit to when in Ibiza.


Berlin – This is a place where people walk out of late night party at 9 AM morning to see that there are still people outside the club in line to get an entry. This is the place where you will find beds in clubs for obvious reasons, pools near to dance floor, and place entirely studded with LED lights. Berlin is also the city of Cabaret, so if you love it you got to visit here least once in lifetime for music, dance and satire.


Amsterdam – With time Amsterdam has evolved into a hip nightlife destination, with world renowned DJ’s doing shows every other night in Amsterdam. Here nightlife gets its true meaning as there are spots for late night movie watching, late night music shows, and late night binge drinking the finest Dutch Liquors. Hard core clubbers should be headed to Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein.

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires – This one is also for hard core club goers. The late night parties start at 1 AM up till dawn, where club goers then seek after party spots. It is also called the Paris of South, and when it comes to budgeting, it gives a run to its European counter parts. Some of the nice places to hang out in here are Rojo, Notorious. Plus here the locals also love Rock music.

New York City

New York City – This is the city that never sleeps. In New York city you will find plenty of options to lit up your night, right from Warehouse parties to mega-clubs, hotel lounges to college bars, indie rock shows to loft parties, hip hop to jazz, and heavy metal to opera. New York has it all. Some of the nice places to hang out in the city dotted with numerous nightlife spots are, Pouring, Dead, and the Experimental.


London – It is the epicenter of Pubs, and a great place where nightlife meets music. IT is also home to some of the best pubs and some of the most prestigious night clubs in the world. Some of the nice places where you can hang out in London are, Blue, The Royal, and the Jerusalem. Cocktail scene is also at a new high in the City of London.


Montreal – This Canadian beauty is also keeping the spirits high. Despite of being in a cold stricken region, the zeal of partying all night long doesn’t gets hampered. It is also a place where nightlife scene is driven by music. Right from wines from all across the world to creative cocktails, Montreal offers it all.

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