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Best Destinations for Beer Lovers

Best Destinations for Beer Lovers

What could be better than a day ending with a couple of beers. Yes, there can be, a trip to a destination of worlds best beers so that you savor the drink during your entire trip. Thanks to the craft beer revolution that breweries around the world have started to emerge in a whole lot numbers. But some destinations still prove to be the shrines of beer lovers. Yes there are places that continue to offer the best beer drinking experiences, be it through their specialty breweries, or be it through the legacy of beer production, or be it through the abundant availability of beers. So here we have collected few places from all around the world, if you plan on making a beer holiday.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic – This is a must visit place if you want to savor the original lager. Pilsner the legendary beer is available just at an hour drive at its own brewery. It is purely a pilgrimage for all beer lovers, and must recommended are the factory tours which allows visitors to savor the cask conditioned brews, on similar lines of the 19th century lager.

Munich, Germany

Munich Germany – The oldest brewery in Munich is reported to date back to 14th century, founded by the monks, Augustine Brewery. Coming to present day, you have no rights to call yourself a beer lover if you do not have heard about the Oktoberfest. This 16 day event is hosted in the local Bavarian style, where you can savor unfiltered lagers, and altbier in giant tents.

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium – It boasts of one of the oldest brewery traditions in world. Brussels is quite popular for its abbey ales. Trappist and Lambic style beers have brewed here for centuries. It also boasts of being home to the historic Flemish Red Ales. Must visit place over here is the Museum of Belgian Brewers in Brussels. The historic breweries of Brussels like Westvleteren Brewery are also must visit.

Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon – This place was the genesis of the Craft beer movement in the United States. This place is popular for its micro breweries. The place also hosts the ever popular Oregon Brewers Festival that features hundreds of craft beers. Another must visit place in Oregon is Rural Bend which again is home to number of Breweries, putting it on the beer map of the world.

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo, Japan – In Tokyo, Beer is often a vehicle of social bonding, and has been savored since long equally by both Japanese men and women. Japan is one of the few places where you can savor the beers directly from taps in its breweries. Though it is home to all the flavors of beers, but it also boasts of its locally crafted beer, ji-biiru, which is must have when here.

Denver, United States

Denver, United States – Every October this place hosts the Great American Beer Festival, participated by more than 500 Brewers. The festival offers opportunity to taste the different lagers and ales from different brewers, from table to table. IT also hosts, professional forums where leading brewers discuss about the latest trends in the beer industry. It is quite insightful and must visit for beer lovers.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland – Guinness Stout remains to be one of the world’s most popular brews and is one of the top most reasons to visit Dublin. The dark ale has its own distinct identity, and can be savored in the Dublin facility, or the bars and restaurants of Guinness. It also serves as a great place to learn about the deep culture and history of beers in this small island.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City, Mexico – It is known for the variety of beers it has to offer. IN short if you have heard of any beer ever in your life, it is highly likely that you will get to savor it in Mexico. It is primarily home to Craft ale beer gardens, micro breweries, and artisanal beer companies. It is here you will find centuries old beer recipes to give your taste buds a treat. Germanic style Noche Buena is also popular here.

Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland – A beer destination list without Scotland would always be incomplete. After all the alcohol consumption trend is most prevalent in Scotland. The local bars are huge in numbers in Edinburgh, to an extent that people of Edinburgh believe that Edinburgh has highest number of pubs in Europe. Here you will find abundant of locally brewed ales and cask beers.

The mouth of a perfectly happy man is filled with beer!


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