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Beauty Tips for Travelers

Beauty Tips for Travelers

Bags packed, tickets purchased, and reservations made. You already have embarked your journey. Now the last thing you would want during your holidays is a look with messed up hairs, face spotted with dirt or pollution, dark circle around eyes and so much more that is unwanted. Looking good during days of your trip is secret to the success of it. After all you would not want to look smudgy in your pics on Instagram or family album. Before a bad look ruins your vacation and your confidence, here are some beauty tips for travellers you are going to need.

  • Right when you aboard that flight off your hometown, you are at fight to preserve your looks. Air in planes is very dry, so we suggest you keep handful of water bottles to beat the dehydration of your skin. Buy few bottles before you board, and takes sips regularly.

  • Sugar is something we all crave for. We all have that sweet tooth. But be warned, sugar might feel good, but is bad for skin. Avoid talking sugar while traveling, as it causes breakouts and reduces skin collage that affects your skin tone and structure. Not so sweet.

  • The air in plane is recirculated and not best for your skin, as it brings reservoirs of germs. So does those passing through long queues of security check ups. We recommend that after staying long in such environments you periodically clean your face with wipes. It helps.

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  • Use essential oils which are great for psyche and the environment you are in too. You can use variants such as Sandalwood, Eucalyptus, Lavender, or Chamoline. Apply it at the back of your neck or mix it well in your moisturizer. Works wonders and will keep you fresh.

  • While you are on the plane, you might think you are safe. But truth is that you are not. Those UV rays are still penetrating your skin through airplane’s window. You got to take care. Wear a sunscreen lotion even while you are on the airplane. It helps a lot.

  • Ensure that your hairs don’t fall on your face. Well we are a just bit more concerned than how they would look elsewise. It will keep your hairs natural oils damaging your complexion.  Don’t tie them hard or it might result in hair breakage. A softly pull tie up will be good.

  • A sound sleep can cause you roll your face all over the pillow. This has some serious affects, like facewrinkles and dry skins. We are not stopping you to sleep, but use a silk pillow cover. It is tight as a fabric and has low absorption rate that keeps your face fresh and never dry.

  • Carry white dental strips which will help you in keeping your smile ever sparkling. You don’t have to use it every day, but just once in a while. Bid a goodbye to those yellow teeth that ruin your picture perfect and your confidence too. This will help and the pack will last long.

  • Carry Dry Shampoo with you. Trust me, you would not want to wash your hairs with shampoo every other day, but still always want them to look good and fresh. The only way around is using dry shampoo. Spray at night, take a good sleep, and rise with beautiful hairs.

  • Maintaining a diet can be a little difficult while you travel, because you have to arrange for all the stuff yourself within that tight schedule. But try including avocados, Wild Salmon, Coconut Oil, Green Tea, high fibre food, and green leafy vegetables in your food plan.

  • The toiletries you get at the hotel might look alluring and attracting you to ditch your beauty carry on to try them. But hold on to yourself. Most of the times these fancy hotel toiletries will strip away skins natural oils, proteins and cause flare up. I suggest stick to your stock.

  • Use salicylic acid cleanser twice daily for a week before your trip. It removes excess oil, keeping the pipes clear to prevent blockages that locally are called pimples. If pimple however occurs during trip, apply honey, drink lots of water and herbal tea. It helps.

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  • Winter travels can be harsh with dryness all around. Your hair and skin start to show the signs immediately. On such occasions, use dry oil which is non greasy that gets easily soaked up by skin and hair without any residue. The variants are Argan, Jojoba and Rosehip Seed.

  • Glycerine is another great compound that can keep you moisturized. It might sound old school with all those sophisticated creams around, but it works wonders. Just mix is 50 50 with water and store it in a spray bottle. Sprinkle, and apply regularly. It works good.

  • A loofah can work well in your favour if you use it right. Skin can get dull while travelling or if you are back from a hike. The answer to this is take a bath with loofah that acts like scrub to remove all your dead skin and help grows the new ones that glow, also apply moisturizer.

  • Aloe Vera is the natures answer to sun burns and rashes. Apply it and within days you will see the difference. It is also a great moisturizer. It is must to have if you are travelling to tropical regions. It will help you save from the harsh sun, and will keep you guarded.

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it!


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