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Facts you didn’t knew about Italy

Facts you didn't knew about Italy

Italy is unarguably one the best destination for travelers. The ancient history of this place has never bored anyone. The iconic landmarks still tend to be one the most pictured places. Food over here delectable and this country has given the world one of the most popular dish, Pizza. The scenic beauty of this country is also unparallel. It is the reason why people flock here in holidays.

If you are planning a visit to Italy, then be sure to know some facts about this country. These fun and bizarre facts will make fall in love with this country and you will get to know the place even better.

1 – Pizza might be most consumed by Americans but it was invented in Naples Italy. The history goes back to 18th century when a quick dish was made to be eaten on the go.

2 – During World War 2, Nazis had used the Leaning tower of Pisa as a watch tower.

3 – It is estimated that over 270,000 Italians are employed as Baristas, and on an average Italians consume 3.7 Kg of coffee per person annually. On a total, 1.4 Billions of Espressos are consumed by Italians.

4 – The term Italy actually means the land of Calves.

5 – Cappuccino is considered to be a breakfast thing, and when in Italy you must not order it after noon if you do not want to be frowned upon.

6 – There are around 350 varieties of Pasta that are made in Italy.

7 – There are around 2500 varieties of Cheese made in Italy and it is the highest number of variants produced by any country in the world.

8 – Italy also houses 37 volcanoes and out of which 3 are still active.

9 – It can offend people, Italian people if you eat Spaghetti with a spoon.

10 – Italians are also known to be the world’s largest consumer of Pasta. On an average 3 Million tones of pasta is produced every year in Italy.

11 – 13 out of 38 plays of Shakespeare are based in the backdrop of Italian places.

12 – The entire world enjoys Nutella but few know that it was invented in Italy, in the town of Alba, by Pietro Ferrero who was also the founder of confectionery company Ferrero.

13 – Latte in Italian means milk. So you got to order the right thing when in Italy.

14 – People throw a coin in Trevi Fountain for making wishes. The influx is so high that on an average every day nearly 3000 Euros get thrown in the fountain.

15 – The Italian police force also has Lamborghinis in their caravan.

16 – Christopher Columbus the man who discovered America was Italian.

17 – The town of Villa Caldari in Italy is also home to a free red wine fountain that operates 24 by 7. Italians are also known to consume Wine a lot, with an average of 98 liters of wine per year.

18 – Italy is also the worlds largest producer of wines with 55K hectoliters of wine per year.

19 – Solo per Due is the worlds smallest restaurant, located in village of Vacone which only has seating arrangement for two. It is visited on special occasions by couples, and can cost you around 500 Euros.

20 – There are two micro states of Europe enclosed within Italy, Vatican, and San Marino.

21 – Italy is the fifth most visited country in the world. Italy witnesses close to 94 Million visitors per year on an average.

22- The oldest university of West is located in Italy, University of Bologna which was founded in 1088. This university also has the credit of even introducing the term University to the world.

23 – Italy has maximum number of UNESCO recognized World Heritage Sites. The count is 58.

24 – Italy is one of the youngest countries in Europe. It was founded in 1861, whereas Rome the capital of Italy was founded in 753 BC. So the capital of Italy is older than the country.

25 – Italian flag is inspired by the French Flag, and it happened during the Napoleon Invasion in 17th century.

26 – Florence was the first European city to have paved streets.

27 – The Sistine Chapel is estimated to have 20,000 visitors every day. It is also the place with famous ceiling paintings of Michelangelo.

28 – Batteries that we all use in our everyday lives were invented in Italy in 1800.

29 – The first ever bank of the world was opened in Italy, Genoa in 1149. The first ever Eyeglasses were also invented by Italians in the 13th century.

Everyone should visit Italy is also a fact!


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