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Best Travel destinations to go with your kids

Best Travel destinations to go with your kids

Travelling is a gift which we should be giving ourselves every once in a while, though this ‘gift’ becomes a memento when you take your kids along. Your holidays get to whole new dimensions, with kids around. While everyone wants to be carefree on their trips, with kids comes responsibility. The biggest responsibility is that your kids are enjoying. We agree that it is very hard to make everyone happy while travelling, but you can always choose something that keeps singularity in the status quo of the group. So here we are with best destinations to go with kids.

Disney World & Universal Studio (Orlando) – This rules the chart. It is no secret that kids get bored easily and are more active than rest of us. This place has lots of entertaining avenues to explore. Trust me kids will get tired but not bored. Everything from Hotels to parks is family friendly.

Rome Italy – This one is in every list. But trust me, we have placed it here for a reason. Rome has lots of architecture that can amaze your kids. It’s an opportunity to fall in love with history by seeing Colosseum or Trevi Fountain. Plus food scene is amazing for kids, with Pizza, Pasta and Gelato.

Austria – It is a cut from technology into laps of nature. Some of the best ski resorts are here, and kids love snow. They will ski a little and play with snow more. Lifts at ski resorts will pull them. There are mountains around and lots of hiking to immerse in an all-inclusive natural experience.

Dubai – Men must be thinking cars, and women about shopping. But wait, Dubai has lot more else. Dubai has turtle rehabilitation centre which your kids will love. Then musical fountains will enchant them, camel rides and dune bashing will be fun in desert. There are waterparks, and then Atlantis.

Kerala India – This is a perfect family retreat location. Right Cochin Fort to Kathakali (a traditional dance) will truly captivate your kid’s interest. There are such peaceful backwaters that will bring peace to your kids. They will find adventurous to live in houseboat, and love elephants around.

Nairobi Kenya – Children have been and always will be fascinated by the wildlife. It is time to feed their soul with trip to Nairobi national park where they can get to see lions, leopards, Zebra. Feed Giraffes with own hands in Giraffe centre. Get around elephants in their rehabilitation zones.

Paris France – What could be better than city of lights for those dreamy eyes! From views of Eiffel tower, to playing with it in backdrop at open areas, from ice cream stands to pony rides, from sailboat rentals to puppet shows, from flower market to magical museum, all is super for kids.

Hawaii – Kids love beaches, and it’s not just grownups. So how about taking them to the best of it! There are lots of activities that start right from hotel resort, to snorkelling, visiting sea turtles, doing surf lessons, riding on a horseback, swimming with dolphins, and splashing endless beaches.

Japan – Constantly ranked by Lonely Planet as one of best destinations to visit. This one can truly charm your kids for sure. You will find video game shops, toy shops and manga retailer (comic book) on every corner. Lots of parks, museums, sushi, noodles, and one Disney Park will make your trip.

Portugal – A great pocket friendly destination that never will get you bored. From hiking in Maderia to exploring castles in Sintra, from sunset sailing cruise in Lisbon to whale watching tour in Maderia, from visiting small villages of Costa Nova and visiting amazing beaches of Algarve region.

Denmark – This happiest country on face of earth is set to make your kids happy. The dining scene is superb, great for cycling around when touring the city, famous for LEGO and royal family that sets to fascinate, sights like Tivoli gardens are great areas for little fun, and lastly the castles to rock em.

Cape Town South Africa – The city of outdoors is fit for kids. Places such as Butterfly World, Two Oceans Aquarium, Penguin colony on Boulders beach, World of birds, and safari parks, make the best scene for kids. There are bunch of open spaces and parks, along with museums too.

That’s baby’s day out!


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