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12 best places to visit in Austria

Best places to visit in Austria

Can dreams be real? If you doubt so, you must get on the next plane to Austria. Where natural wonders are aplenty, and the grass is still green on the other side. Quintessential cities n towns, the timeless baroque architecture, and cobbled streets are a start of your spectacular trip to Austria. You might also want to call Austria a mini Alpine crown. Having the world’s most famous coffee culture, this place is best served sip by sip. Ski resorts to little villages to grand cities, this country is place to reckon.

We trust that you might want to wrap your holidays within the best places of Austria, so we made it easy. In this blog we have listed the 12 best places to visit in Austria.


1 – Vienna

The City of Vienna is adorned with imperial palaces that have lasted countless weathers for centuries. Here you will find classic Opera Houses to bring you in harmony with music. You will find Museums to take you back in time. There are Churches that will restore your faith in beauty. The city of Vienna is also dubbed as ‘City of Music’, as this city has been home to Mozart, Beethoven and Schubert. The St Stephen’s Cathedral, is also a must visit along with Vienna Opera House. We want to remind you that St. Stephen’s cathedral has been around since the 12th century. It also has catacombs which contains the remains of the victims of the Great Plague.

The Schönbrunn Palace is another great spot that you must visit where you will find Mirror Room, Blue staircase, and the Hall of Ceremonies. The palace is known for its ornate rooms and vast gardens. Another one is Hofburg Palace which is commonly known as a city within a city. Vienna State Opera is another must visit which has been hosting performances since 19th century.

The best time to visit Vienna is from April to May or you can also choose time between September to October. When visiting here you must relish the Tafelspitz which is boiled beef and wiener schnitzel which is breaded veal.


2 – Salzburg

The city of Salzburg is packed with 12 centuries of history. The picturesque Old Town of Salzburg which is an UNESCO World Heritage site will delight you from the heart. The 17th century Salzburg Cathedral is another must visit, which was also the site of Baptism of Mozart. The Salzach River flowing across makes the landscape irresistible for shutterbugs. The quaint restaurants and bars of Salzburg will be a perfect end to the long tour day. When visiting Salzburg you must relish the local cuisines such as Wiener Schnitzel which are fried pork cutlets, Rindsuppe which is beef soup, and marillenknödel which are Apricot Dumplings.

The Salzburger Festspiele during summers will help you beat all the heat, and will bring you all the joy. Music lovers should also visit the Mozarts Geburtshaus which was the birth place of Mozart. If you need a quick break from the touring of Salzburg then lay back in the majestic Mirabell Gardens which is home to the popular Pegasus Fountain.

The best time to visit Salzburg is to visit it during the off peak season which ranges from September to October. However if you do not mind crowds then summer is also a great slot. For skiing enthusiasts winters are ideal.


3 – Innsbruck

Innsbruck is your ideal Alpine Town of Europe where you will see old-world charm meet with adventure sports. Innsbruck is popular for its Ski resorts. You can also indulge in bungee jumping over here, or go on a little hiking. Travellers that need to fuel their energies can go on a cycling tour or can try snowboarding. This doesn’t just ends here, you can opt for sleigh rides at Innsbruck which can be a little fun if you are travelling with your family. This little mountain town has been the host of two Winter Olympic. While in Innsbruck you must visit the old town which is home to many attractions such as Imperial Palace, Golden Roof and Triumphal Arch.

Cathedral of St James in Innsbruck is also a must visit which is known for its 57 bells and was built in the 18th century. When in Innsbruck you must relish the Kaspressknödel which is cheese dumplings. Apple Strudels, and a Ravioli named Schlutzkrapfen. Liqor enthusiasts must binge on the Gruner Veltliner wines while visiting this town.

The best time to visit Innsbruck is during winters when you can enjoy the winter sports in this destination. To tour Innsbruck in leisure, you will need minimum couple of days considering you will also indulge in skiing.


4 – Hallstatt

What could be better than walking out of the bed and rising up to a view of a lake. Hallstatt feels as if Gods perfected its landscape, with striking position conjoint with Hallstatterlake. This town is a true beauty for a peaceful mind. There would hardly be any traveler who hasn’t seen Hallstatt on Social Media or Post Cards. The entire region of Hallstatt is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. When visiting Hallstatt you must cherish the views of Hallstatt from the skywalk which is situated at an elevation of 350 meters. Another must visit is the Hallstatt Salt Mine which is known to be mined for as long as 7000 years and is considered as one of the oldest salt mines in world.

You got to remember while visiting Hallstatt is that this region is an Instagram-worthy destination, so you have to keep your camera closer. Visitors must also enjoy the sunset by the lake, which is totally scenic. Some of the local preparations that you must relish while visiting Hallstatt are Tafelspitz which is a boiled veal, and Käsespätzle which is Austrian version of macaroni and cheese.

The best time to visit Hallstatt is between May to October when the weather is moderate and you can enjoy the scenery. It is advisable to not travel to this town in winter as it gets pretty snowy.


5 – Graz

Graz is Austria’s second biggest city. Thanks to six universities and horde of students that make it a fun place to hang out with a good nightlife. There is a worth visiting Castle in the heart of the city, and the lovely little old town is worth the walk around. The city is studded with numerous Baroque and Renaissance style buildings that are spectacle to watch. The Graz Clock Tower of the city is another must visit, where you will get amazing views of the city. Herrengasse is the main street of the Graz, and here you will find trams, chocolate shops and museums that will delight you up till heart.

Rathaus which is the city Hall of Graz is also a must visit, which is a grand german building. On the river flowing across Graz you will also find this floating island which has an outdoor theater and an indoor cafe, where some of the best exhibitions of city take place. The structure is known for its unique architectural style.

Foodies will also have their share of joy with great gastronomic scene of the city. Must eat delicacies over here are Backhendl which is a kind of Fried Chicken, and Schnitzel. The city of Graz is only couple of hours drive away from Vienna.


6 – Eisenstadt

Eisenstadt is small but is packed with museums, monuments, baroque castles, and a pretty Jewish district. It has a close proximity to Vienna, which makes this town an ideal for a day trip. You are going to be delighted while visiting the nearby Vineyards of Eisenstadt. The town is also a perfect place to learn the winemaking process, and travelers must stop at Heuriger which is a tavern for winemakers. There is another interesting aspect to this town that it was walled city whose remains can be found in the Dombastei that date back to as long as 14th century. While visiting these walls you can also climb atop them.

The town boasts of having a blend of Austrian and Hungarian culture. The town is also known for its classical music. The Cathedral of Saint Martin which dates back to the 15th century is also a must visit. The Esterhazy Palace is another spot that must occupy a place in your itinerary which dates back to as long as 13th century.

The best time to visit this small town is between the months of April and October when it hosts Haydnfestspiele which is a music festival that celebrates opera, orchestra and the life of great composer Haydnsaal.


7 – Worthersee

Worthersee is the place you want to be at in summers. This place offers plenty of avenues for indulging in canoeing, spelunking, and boating. While visiting Worthersee a boat ride is a must. In Worthersee you will also enjoy the beauty of churches which will sure enchant you for your days. If you want to take a plunge ahead, it also lets you swim, so mind giving some space to those swimming suits in your baggage. You must also need to make note that Worthersee has the warmest Alpine lake in Austria, which makes it even more worthy for your aquatic excursions. The cathedral of Gurk is another must-visit of Worthersee.

A visit to Gmund which is the birthplace of Porsche are the essentials. While visiting here you must also hop on to the Pyramidenkogel which is the world’s highest wooden observation tower and offers majestic views of the region. Eating in Worthersee is another delight which makes use of fresh ingredients right from the local farms.

The best time to visit Worthersee is between May to September, when the weather is most pleasant. This place is a must visit if your ideal holiday destination is a laid back small town which also offers water adventure activities.


8 – Linz

Linz is the third largest city of Austria. In here you will get to witness some of the best Christmas markets. The festive cruises along River Danube are another hit in the region. The city is also known for its open air cultural events. The old town of Linz is a must visit, which has retained its old world charm even to this date. You got to take note of that the historical wealth of this city is owed to the Austrian Steel Industry around Linz. Music lovers must visit the Brucknerhaus to experience some of the best Classical Music Shows or Jazz performances. A bike ride in Linz comes with high recommendation.

Techno geeks must visit the Ars Electronica Centre which is also known as the Museum of the Future. Here you will find technology-related exhibition. The popular ‘Klang Wolke’ music and light show is a must have experience. The unique ‘Pflasterspektake’ festival turns the city into a head turner. If you are grounded at heart, this place is a fair affair for you.

The city has its own international airport, and is also well connected with other major cities of Austria like Vienna, and Salzburg. The best time to visit the city is in summers, or if in winters then around Christmas.


9 – Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt is a vibrant city that pretty much lives in Festive mood. It is distinguished by distinctive Lindwurm monument depicting a villager killing a dragon, and we bet that you will love it. The Klagenfurt is in close proximity to the Italian and Slovenian border which gives it a strategic location to be an international tourist hub spot. A gem of an attraction over here is Europapark and a lido for little fun bathing. Near the main square of the town you will find Landhaus, which is a 16th century palace and a seat of regional parliament. The building is known for its golden decoration that is bound to dazzle you with its glitter.

The old square which is also known as Alter Platz, is another must visit. Here you can enjoy coffee in those quaint cafes with outdoor seating. The town of Klagenfurt also has an adjoining border with the Worthersee Lake, which another top attraction of this place. The E Board Museum of Klagenfurt is also a must visit, that houses electronic musical instruments.

The city of Klagenfurt is known to have a true European spirit. Klagenfurt is the perfect spot if you are travelling with family. The town of Klagenfurt has an international airport but the connectivity is limit, so we recommend travelling via Vienna.


10 – Feldkirch

The town of Feldkirch is bordered with Switzerland and Liechtenstein, giving it a strategic touristy location. This town has a vintage Medieval backdrop. It is one of those towns where you will find mountains within the town compound. While in this town you must visit the Schattenburg Castle, which was built in the 13th century, and in present times is a museum showcasing the local history. The iold town here is a must visit, which reflects the true Austrian Architecture and has many quaint shops and cafes. Walking by the Marktgasse which is the market street, is also a pleasure, as it has been the marketplace of the town since middle ages.

Katzenturm the 40 meter tall tower is another attraction of the town that must be visited. It is one of the remains of the walled infrastructure of the town. It houses a 8.5 ton heavy bell which is the sixth largest in Austria. The old streets of Feldkirch might not have Wifi but are cool enough to give a run for money to leading tourist destinations across the world.

The best time to visit this town is in winters when there is snow, opportunity to ski and the town is lit by Christmas market. If you have always wanted to visit European villages, the true ones, the unfiltered ones, then this is your go to place.


11 – Steyr

The town of Steyr is located at the picturesque meeting point of River Enns and River Steyr. In here the city centre has quite a history, while the old town is ensemble of baroque buildings and cobbled streets. It is believed that the town was founded in the year oi\f 980 AD. The economy of the town is driven by iron ore mining, with lots of steel manufacturers on its outskirts. The castle Schloss Lamberg is another must visit which is built in the baroque style of architecture. In present times it serves as the police headquarters, administrative centre, and town hall. 13th century Bummerlhaus mansion which is a gothic styled building is another must visit.

In the old town of Steyr you will find many quaint cafes and restaurants that serve some of the best preparations of Austrian food. The town also has a Werndlpark which is a perfect visit for a quick break in the woods. Inside the park you will also find a fountain in the center which amplifies its beauty. The town of Steyr is again a perfect and touristy small town of Europe.

Usually we will never recommend you to visit places like cemetery on your holiday trips, but Urn Cemetery Steyr Tabor of Steyr is a must visit with well maintained grounds and overgrown ivy on the graves.


12 – Wachau

The Valley of Wachau is located by the banks of Danube River. This rich valley has plenty of natural bounties. For the unique cultural landscape of Austria that it possesses it has been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The place is also popular for its river cruises in the Danube. The place attracts tourists to taste some of best white wines produced in the country of Austria. Some of the popular Sights here include monasteries like the baroque Melk monastery, castles and fortresses. Dürnstein castle which dates back to 12th century is a must visit. In present times it remains in ruin but still depicts reflection of its glorious history.

The Hinterhaus castle is another must visit that remains in ruin. The Aggstein castle which is also in ruin but has undergone some restoration work is also a sneak peek into the history of this region. The Schallaburg castle is a well preserved Renaissance style castle which also has guided tours on the premise and hosts many exhibitions.

The Valley of Wachau is also home to the two most historic abbeys of Austria which go by the name of Melk and Göttweig. The valley is perfect to visit in summers. This might be end of our list, but a visit to Wachau will topple you with memories.

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