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Best Books on Travel

Best books on travel

A good book and an amazing trip can both take you off the seats. A book can transport you to all together new world, and a trip makes you experience a whole new place. Whenever they are blended together, the results are always satisfying. A book can save you from boredom of long flights, bus trips, and train journeys. A book is a perfect companion when you are laying back alone on a beach, or having sip of tea and breath taking views in your hotel balcony. We have created a list of books that will inspire and make you fall in love with travel.

The Life of Pie – Not every journey is bed of roses. This one is a perfect example of it. A young Indian boy that survives a shipwreck finds himself in a company of a Bengal Tiger on a lifeboat. Now that is interesting, It about how they struggle to adjust together to survive.

Around the World in 80 Days – All crazy travellers would love to do this. The protagonist Phileas Fogg claims he can go around the world in 80 days, and places a bet on this with his friends. Then starts a long journey with drama, action, and believe me lots of thrills.

The Alchemist – This book isn’t about holiday spots, but an eternal life changing journey. All those who don’t step out, but head out, must read it. A young shepherd on lookout for treasure of his dreams is on a journey where he learns, applies, and keeps moving.

Eat, Pray and Love – People if you are having a tough time, you need to read this book and pack your bags. The book lives up to its name, and makes us fall in love by the end. It is journey through three countries and finding what you need most.

Into the Wild – A book to treasure, especially if you get strange vibes about the modern world. A boy soon after graduating ceases communication with family, donates his savings, and heads out with his 1982 Datsun that he abandons later on.

The Motorcycle Diaries – You will get to explore South America in 50’s and get to know the young Che Guevara himself and how he transformed to become a revolutionary Marxist. This book will move you as a traveller if you are sensitive to social causes.

Hitchhikers Guide to Galaxy – World is mysterious and Universe is the start of it. If Traveling and looking at the stars make you battle your strange thoughts. You are very probable to like this book. It is an amazing journey of protagonist through the universe.

Shantaram – A great read if you like humour and dark plots. Set in underworld of India where an escaped convict from Australia is hiding. He doesn’t wants to go back, and travels across India to Afghanistan. It is quite entertaining and set to arouse your wanderlust.

Best books on travel

In a Sunburned Country – True depiction of Australia’s fiercely hot deserts, and beautiful coastlines. Though it’s not a travel guide, but a reserve of experiences of exploration. We bet it will change your outlook and you will never again see any destination the same way.

The Geography of Bliss – Don’t we all want happiness in our lives? Always wandering from one place to another, exploring every little strange thing to find source of unexpected happiness. Well this book is about the same, and experiences of author are amazing.

1000 Places to see before you die – The book that lives up to its name. It will take you through the most traditional destination to most non contemporary places. But we bet you will like all of them. It is a great collection of sights you mustn’t afford to miss.

Three cups of Tea – When mission meets journey books like these are born. This is a transition of a mountain climber turning into a humanitarian. A truly amazing experience and well depicted in book, how he finally managed to build schools for less privileged ones.

Even small time with a book can change you forever!


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