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Worlds best food destinations

Worlds best food destinations

A journey is incomplete, if you don’t burp by the end of the day. Well I believe most of us travel to all these remote, distinct, far places around the world for amazing sights and tantalizing food. It is the reason why Food tourism is taking pace, but not faster than people adapting taste for globally known and locally made cuisines. We believe that world is made of two kind of people, one those who eat to live, and other those who live to eat. Which one you want to be? Never mind, in either case this list of top food destinations around the world will come in handy.

San Sebastian

San Sebastian – This small town has maximum number of Michelin Star restaurants per square meter. It has three restaurants that have been awarded with three Michelin stars. It is the highest honor. It serves one of the best sea food, like bacalao pil pil, pecebes, kokotxas.

It also has home grown variety of tapas. Basque styled tapas are known as pintxos. They are small pieces of bread that are topped with mushrooms, cheese, hams or prawns. San Sebastian is also home to many Pintxos bars. Desserts like Pastel Vasco are fabulous.


Bangkok – We all have must been least once enchanted by thoughts of Thai food. It’s worth it. Home to sight worthy floating markets, it will never disappoint if you. National soup Tom Yum, fried pork, spicy noodle soup, fried oysters are must try. Bangkok is just surprising.

The popular fresh green papaya salad, or coconut milk curry with spices, are some of the unique dishes that you will enjoy only on the Thai Menu. If you want to enjoy the authentic Thai flavors then must try is Pla Pao, Som Tam, Pad ka prao, Hor Mok.


Rome – This is mecca for food lovers. If you haven’t eaten pasta in your life, we doubt you might be an alien. You will get plenty of flavours of pasta in here. Plus Italian love for Gelato is another reason. Dishes like Baccala, suppli, fiori di zucca are also worth try.

Classic Spaghetti Carbonara is one Italian dish in Rome that you must try. It is made with Fresh eggs, Pork cheek, Romano Cheese, Black pepper. Bucatini all’Amatriciana and Pasta alla Gricia are two most popular Pasta dishes that you also got to try in Rome.


Tokyo – It boasts of maximum number of Michelin star Restaurants in world. We bet they are worth the try. You would probably binge on preparations of sushi, though tonkatsu pork cutlets, unagi eel, okonomiyaki pancakes, tofu, ramen, katsu curry also are surprisingly good.

Tendon which is a bowl of white rice topped with deep fried sea food, Aruba Soba which means oil noodles are soup less noodles with toppings and vinegar are must try. Stuffed buns of Tokyo are also some popular food items that you must try when here.

New Orleans

New Orleans – Well this city is not to be confused with American style food. The diversity of food here is new heights. Be it sugar dusted beignets, or extremely popular po’ boys sandwich, spicy Cajun food, jambalaya, or crawfish. Food Culture in New Orleans is fabulous.

Gumbo the popular dish eaten in New Orleans is loaded with chicken, sausages, and seafood with tantalizing spices is a must try. Red beans and rice is another delight that is enjoyed in New Orleans, cooked with pork, kidney beans, spices and rice. It is a simple dish but tasty.


London – Unarguably the food capital of World. Every day comes with opening of yet another food outlet or restaurants. Be it spot for tea, or pub food, or fish and fries, you will get plenty of choices. Plus all global cuisines are available. In short it is google for food.

When in London you got to indulge in a Full English Breakfast which comprises of baked beans, sausage, fried egg, bacon, tomato, fried slice. We must warn you because after that you will have an energetic rush in your body. Banger n Mas, Scotch egg are other must try.


Nice – Lives to its name, this French city is surprisingly amazing for food enthusiasts. You can’t finish your trip without that Salade Nicoise, or all inclusive French ratatouille, or a caramelized onion tart pissaladiere, and devouring socca with local rose. Food is always nice here.

Cuisine Nissarde is a title which is awarded to the restaurants in Nice which offer Nissarde recipe and dishes, and also give warm welcome to people. Nissarde is the local dialect of people here which only few follow. The most popular food of Nice still remains Salade Nicoise.


Marrakesh – This Moroccan city comes to life by night with streets bustling around and outlets occupied with food lovers. Your culinary experience is incomplete without varieties of kebabs, Traditional Tagine, Orange Juice, Snails, and a glass of sweet mint tea.

When in Marrakesh you must check out the evening food stalls of Djemaa El Fna square, and you will get to eat most lip smacking food of Morocco. Bestilla the meat pie of Morocco is a must try, in both sweet and salty flavor. The local citrus of Medina is some of the world’s best.


Lima –This Pacific Coast beauty is pretty appeasing with wide variety of culinary experiences. Seafood is at heart of Lima. Traditional dishes such as Ceviche, Chicharones have opened up to world with great acceptance. Anticucho which is grilled beef heart is also a must try here.

Cuy the deep fried guinea pig is a delicacy that Peruvian indulge in on special occasions. You must also give it a try. Another international cuisines or say Asian Latin fusion cuisine is Lomo Saltado which is beef and vegetables served with chips and rice. It is actually Chinese.


Munich – It not only does host Oktoberfest, but is home to great food too. It starts with tremendous love for traditionally brewed beers, Bagels with sausage, German dessert Apfelstrudel, Bavarian Sauerkraut, pork chops with cabbage dumplings, and Lard.

Food in Munich is greatly inspired by the Bavarian countryside, while Bavarian cuisine is closely similar to the Austrian Cuisine. Beer in Munich is referred to as Liquid Bread. The white beer in Munich is called as Weissbier and locally called as Bavarian cappuccino.


Tuscany –Overly popular for cooking classes and wines, this place is a treat to senses. You must visit if you want an all-inclusive foodie experience. Dishes like Lampredotto sandwich, Panzanella, Ribollita, Bisteccaalla Fiorentina, Castagnaccio are worth a try.

Tuscan black croutons are one of the appetizers that you must try here. It is made with capers, anchovies, and chicken livers. Every restaurant in Tuscany serves it with their own style but accompanied with unsalted Tuscan bread. Cacciucco is another must try sea food.

Good Food keeps going hand in hand!


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