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Best travel pick up lines

Best travel pick up lines

Are you headed out of the city, and going to some exotic destination to enjoy few days of your life. Yes that is how travelling sums up to be. But it can get boring going to historical places, or eat in a fancy restaurant where you have to pretend to be sophisticated, or spend a day in a beach applying lotion all over your body to combat tan.

To spice up your trip we have come with some of the best travel pick up lines, which you can use on other travelers. But we warn you to use them at your discretion.

1 – I would never miss a flight with you, cause I don’t want to miss you.

2 – Are you from Paris, because Eiffel for you.

3 – I usually hate it, but with you I would like a lay over.

4 – Didn’t custom people stop you, because its crime to be a hot traveler.

5 – I don’t care if you come with an extra baggage.

6 – I fly to be able to catch up with angels.

7 – You really don’t need a first class seat, cause I have enough room for you.

8 – Isn’t traveling about sightseeing, so let me see you.

9 – Can I have a VISA to stay in your heart.

10 – I want to take you to a city that never sleeps.

11 – Thanks god I have a travel insurance, because your sight is killing me.

12 – I always pack essentials, but I cannot fit you in my luggage.

13 – Are you a time traveler, because I have already seen you in my future.

14 – This heartbeat is Dublin for you.

15 – Do you like adventure, because my hotel room can be a good place to start.

16 – You can keep my passport, because I know where I belong.

17 – I want my final destination to be with you.

18 – I like 24 hours check in, and that I why I have been check in you all this time.

19 – Is the plane really taking off, or is it just my heart.

20 – This flight will last for 9 hours, so am I.

21 – I like to ride on 747’s.

22 – Travelling together makes us travel partners. So let’s do what partners do.

23 – I think these flight attendants are distractions, but I am not going to sway away.

24 – I think I need a drink because I am feeling thirsty with you.

25 – Beware of the local laws and tariffs, because you have fine written all over you.

26 – Do I need a map, because without you I would be lost.

27 – Are you an astronaut, because it seems you were sent from above?

28 – Do you have a hotspot turned on, because I am feeling a strong connection here.

29 – If I told you have a great body, would you hold it against me.

30 – You think you are headed to Paris, but you are actually heading in my heart.

31 – Do you believe in first flight, or do we need to travel more often.

32 – Are you a camera, because you have captured me since the first look.

33 – Is it really hot here, or is it just you.

34 – I need your phone number, yes it’s an emergency.

35 – Yours eyes tell me you have trouble in sleeping, by the way I am a doctor specialized in sleeping.

Travelling is fun!


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