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Best countries for retirement VISA

Best countries for retirement VISA

Working abroad, studying abroad, travelling abroad, is always on our list. But what about spending the last days of your life in a country that you like most? Yes we are talking about retirement. We work hard all our lives saving money, building a fortune for our family, so don’t we deserve some quality time in our golden last days. Thanks to many countries that have VISA programs for retirees, or passive income people, or pensioners. Their aim is to attract people who are self sufficient and are willing to spend their out of country income within local economy.

To help you decide best which country is best for your retirement plans, we have created a list of the best countries where you can get retirement VISA. Their programs vary, but we are sure you will find your match for your golden days.

Greece – Financially Independent Person VISA Program

You can choose any place like Santorini, Crete, or Corfu, for the perfect Island retirement. The low cost of living, affordable housing, and peaceful environment will be perfect for your retirement days.

As per Program you least need to have a passive income of 24000 Euros. It also gives you flexibility to work remotely, for any non Greek employer while living within Greece. The program is initially issued for two years, after which it can renewed. After 7 years of residency you can also apply for citizenship.


Portugal – D7 VISA Program

Portugal is a place with exquisite cuisines, pleasant climate, good healthcare, and affordable cost of living. It has become a popular hotspot for Digital Nomads who come here to work remotely.

Minimum income required for this VISA program is 740 Euros per month.  Portugal also allows dual citizenship, and after 5 years of living you can apply for Portuguese citizenship.

You are also not required to own a house under this program but still you need to have an address proof which you can easily obtain by some lease agreement with locals. You also need to spend least 4 to six months living here per year.


Spain – Non Lucrative VISA Program

This program entitles you to live in Spain but without carrying out any professional activity, means you cannot work. With one of the lowest cost per living, be ready to enjoy tapas, beaches in golden days.

Minimum income required for this VISA is 28,000 Euros per year, plus 7000 Euros for every dependent. After residing for 10 years you can also attain citizenship. Since Spain doesn’t allows Dual citizenship, so you will have to renounce your current passport.


Italy – Elective Residency VISA Program

If enjoying cuisines in Tuscany, or going shopping in Milan, or chilling by Lake Como, or exploring Roman history, excites you then Italy is the place you should be headed.

It is home to one of the best healthcare system in the world, and low cost of living is another add on. The minimum income for this program is 31,000 Euros. It allows dual citizenship and after 10 years of residency you can apply for Italian citizenship. But program states that you can work for no one.

The VISA will also require a physical address proof. Knowledge of Italian is must if you want to navigate this process. There is no age restriction for the application of this VISA.


Indonesia – VISA for elderly and retired travelers

Indonesia being an archipelago of islands, has various destinations to retire including Bali. The tropical climate and pleasant weather are a win-win. No wonder Indonesia is a hotspot for remote workers, digital nomads, and even traditional travelers.

Minimum income required for this VISA is 18,000 Dollars. Apart from it you will also need Indonesian Health Insurance, must have a rental agreement if you are not buying a property, and hire an Indonesian for domestic help, with minimum wage of 300 Dollars per month.

Minimum age requirement for the VISA is 55 years. The biggest advantage of choosing Indonesia as your retirement destination is the low cost of living.


Thailand – Non Immigrant O VISA

The beaches, the low cost of living, friendly locals are some of the reasons to chose Thailand as retirement destination, the reason why Thailand too attracts digital nomads, and remote workers.

The minimum age requirement for the VISA is 50 years. The minimum income required is 24000 Dollars. One must have a clean criminal history, and no signs of any prohibitive disease. Initially the VISA is applicable for 1 year, and can be renewed thereafter.


Belize – Qualified Retirement Program

Being a former British Colony, the official language here is English. Cost of living in Belize is extremely low, and you can also engage in employment activities under this VISA.

Minimum age requirement for the VISA is 45 years.  You need to have a monthly income of least 24000 Dollars. You need to live in the country for least 30 days consecutively to keep the VISA activated. The VISA also offers Tax exemptions on vehicle purchases.


Argentina – Rentista VISA Program

With late night culture, and lush green out backs of vineyards, Argentina is one of the best South American country to retire. Unarguably it has one of the lowest cost of living.

Minimum income required for the VISA is 2000 Dollars per month. This can be derived from financial instruments, or business establishment, or real estate investment. There is no age limit for the application of the VISA. Initially the VISA will be regulated for 1 year.


Malta – Global Residence Program

Language is not a barrier in Malta as mostly people speak English. It has high population of Expats. The cost of living is relatively higher, but it is also home to some of the best beaches.

Minimum requirement for the VISA is that you rent a property with least 9000 Euros as rental value per month, or you can also buy a property with minimum value of 220,000 Euros. Minimum age requirement is 65 years. You should also have some pension as a regular source of income.


Ecuador – Pensionado Visa Program

Ecuador is popular for Miami styled beaches, Spanish colonial themed towns, snow capped volcanoes and great cuisines. It is a very popular place for expats. You can literally live here on shoestring budget.

Property prices in Ecuador are very low. The temporary VISA is valid for 2 years upon which it can be extended. Minimum income requirement for the VISA is 800 Dollars. Permanent residence can applied after a period of 21 months.  For temporary resident VISA there are no stay abroad limitations.


For the Golden days!


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